7 TV Shows like Safe: What to watch after Safe

Unveiling 7 Best TV Shows like safe if you have questions like what to watch after safe on netflix.

After watching Netflix series Safe I get questions like what to watch after Safe then I landed at Netflix, and I found 7 TV Shows like Safe on Netflix and other streaming services.

Safe is a British Televison drama series created by crime author Harlan Coben and written by screenwriter Danny Brocklehurst. Set in England.

Safe focuses on Briton Tom Delaney, a pediatric surgeon and windowed father of two teenage daughters he is struggling to connect with his daughter as they grieve the loss of his wife from cancer one year prior.

1. The Stranger

The Stranger is a crime drama mini tv series directed by Harlan Coben. Creator of Safe and the Stranger is same. So, you if like safe then you going to love it. it’s one of the best TV shows like Safe on Netflix.

Series follow Adam Price who seems to be living the perfect life -two great sons, a watertight marriage until a stranger approach him at a bar and reveals a shocking secret about Price’s wife Corinne.

Where to Watch: Available to stream on Netflix.

2. The Forest

The Forest

The Forest is crime-drama series created by Delinda Jacobs with staring Samuel Labarthe, Suzanne Clement, Alexia Barlier. Its original title is La forêt after watching safe I really liked it.

16-year-old Jennifer disappears one night from her village in the Ardennes. Captain Gaspard Deker leads the investigation with local cop Virginie Musso, who knew the girl well. They are helped by Eve, a lonely and mysterious woman.

Where to Watch: Available for stream on Netflix.

3. Hold Tight

Hold Tight

In finding of other shows like Safe I find this amazing show called Hold Tight but original title is Zachowaj spokój. It’s a crime mystery drama available on Netflix.

Story of Hold Tight around young man missing soon after his friend dies, life in a tight-knit, affluent Warsaw suburb slowly unravels, exposing secrets and lies.

Where to Watch: Available for stream on Netflix.

4. Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds is American TV Miniseries created by Veena Sud. Staring Clare-Hope Ashitey, Beau Knapp, Michael Mosley. in Finding of shows like safe I found this amazing shows on Netflix.

Tensions run high between African Americans citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City when a teenage African boy is critically injured by a cop.

Where to Watch: Available on stream on Netflix.

5. Echoes


Echoes is a drama thriller TV Shows created by Vanessa Gazy. I find this amazing tv show in searching of other shows like Safe.

Leni and Gina are identical twins who have secretly swapped their lives they were children, culminating in a double life as adults, but one of the sisters goes missing and everything in their perfectly schemed world turns into chaos.

Where to Watch: Available for stream on Netflix.

6. Gone for Good

Gone for Good

Guillaume thought he had drawn a line under the terrible tragedy which saw the two people he loved the most die. Ten years later, Judith, whose love has made his life worth living again, Suddenly disappears during his mother’s funeral.

Where to Watch: Available for Stream on Netflix.

7. Collateral


Investigating a murder of a pizza delivery man, A London detective uncovers a tangled conspiracy involving drug dealers, smugglers and spies.

Where to watch: Available for Stream on Netflix.

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