10 Best Chinese Fantasy Shows On Netflix

The rising popularity of Netflix's Chinese fantasy is influencing people to watch Netflix.

Netflix offers a plethora of captivating Chinese fantasy shows, each boasting distinct narratives and cultural nuances.

Despite encountering some censorship hurdles, the genre flourishes thanks to its compelling plots, well-developed fantasy characters (both lead and supporting), production quality, and cultural impact.

As Netflix continues to augment its diverse collection of Chinese fantasy content, audiences are afforded greater access to its intricate blend of martial arts prowess, intricate.

Best Chinese Fantasy Shows

  1. The King’s Avatar
  2. Word Of Honor
  3. Handsome Siblings
  4. Love Between Fairy And Devil
  5. The Legend of The White Snake
  6. Eternal Love
  7. The Longest Promise
  8. The Untamed

8. The Untamed

The Untamd.

The Untamed is an adaptation of the danmei novel, Mo Dao Zu Shi, which follows two cultivators, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, as they investigate paranormal activity while navigating their complex relationship as soul mates.

Drawing from Chinese folklore, the series has garnered praise for its engaging storyline, character depth, production quality, and cultural impact. Despite heavy censorship thanks to China’s ongoing ban against LGBT portrayals in films, The Untamed became one of the highest-earning dramas in 2019.

7. The Longest Promise

The Longest Promise.

The Longest Promise debuted in 2021 and follows Bai Shen, a skilled martial artist with extraordinary abilities whose life of seclusion comes to an end after meeting Lin Wo, a young woman with a mysterious past.

The series’ strong emotional depth, high production values, intricate plot development, and exploration of themes like destiny and redemption help distinguish it from similar titles in the genre despite being a relatively new entry.

The Longest Promise is also noteworthy for its philosophical depth and intricate choreography.

6. Eternal Love

Eternal Love.

Eternal Love is a romantic fantasy series chronicling the love story of a goddess (Bai Qian) and the Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens (Ye Hua) across multiple lifetimes and dimensions.

Adapted from Tang Qi’s Xianxia novel of the same name, Eternal Love benefits from its enchanting storyline, stunning visuals, and strong performances.

The series has received critical acclaim and multiple awards in China for its emotional depth, intricate plot, and romantic chemistry.

5. The Legend Of The White Snake

The Legend Of The White Snake.

The Legend of the White Snake retells the classic Chinese folktale of a forbidden romance between a serpent demon (Bai Suzhen) and a mortal man (Xu Xian).

Benefiting from its stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and strong performances, the series offers a modern interpretation of the timeless tale while honoring its cultural significance. Rooted in Chinese folklore, The Legend of the White Snake has garnered acclaim for its romantic storyline, character development, and cultural relevance.

It introduced the story to a new generation while receiving recognition for its contributions to Chinese folklore.

4. Love Between Fairy And Devil

Love Between Fairy And Devil.

Love Between Fairy and Devil is adapted from the eponymous novel by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. It centers on the reincarnation of the Goddess Xi Yun, who inadvertently frees the Lord Devil and triggers a curse that binds their fates.

Directed by Yi Zheng and Qian Jingwu, Love Between Fairy and Devil is noteworthy for its meticulous production, integrating Chinese intangible cultural heritage into the Xianxia genre.

3. Handsome Siblings

Handsome Silblings.

Handsome Siblings is based on the Peerless Double Jade novel by Gu Long, telling the story of twin brothers separated at birth, who grow up to become martial arts masters, each following a different path.

Handsome Siblings is praised for its intricate plot, dynamic fight scenes, and compelling characters, garnering critical acclaim for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and attention to martial arts choreography.

2. Word Of Honor

Word Of Honor.

Word of Honor is a 2021 Chinese costume television series adapted from the Danish novel Faraway Wanderers by Priest.

The story follows the leader of “The Window of Heaven” assassin organization (Zhou Zishu) and the leader of Ghost Valley (Wen Kexing) as they become soulmates while pursuing freedom and revenge within the martial arts world.

Recognized for its portrayal of relationships, Word of Honor was featured on Teen Vogue’s Best Boys’ Love Dramas list despite facing industry boycotts. Additionally, its Theme Concert garnered massive participation, selling out tickets within seconds (via Sohu).

1. The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar.

The King’s Avatar is adapted from the web novel of the same name by Hu Dielan and follows Ye Xiu, a top player in the multiplayer online video game “Glory” which is set in a virtual fantasy world.

The series is especially noteworthy for its integration of technological advancements like motion capture and face capture, along with strong performances from its Donghua voice actors.

After setting records for attracting over 3 billion views on Tencent Video, and 10 million views on overseas platforms like WeTV and YouTube (via Business Wire), The King’s Avatargarnered acclaim for its fresh storyline, visual effects, and spiritual focus.

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