5 Best Similar TV Shows Like Loudermilk

Loudermilk is the most likable character on TV, his curmudgeonly humor is frequently used in comedy-drama shows.

In recent years, shows like Loudermilk, which feature an acerbic protagonist with a troubled past, have become increasingly popular, leading many shows to follow the example of its unlikely hero’s journey.

At first, watching Loudermilk leads a viewer to wonder why anyone would root for such difficult people with so few qualities to recommend them. However, as the show progresses, the answer becomes clear; a person is much more than their mistakes and anyone can change with the right support.

shows like Loudermilk

  1. Shrinking
  2. Single Drunk Female
  3. You’re The Worst
  4. Letterkenny
  5. Brockmire

5. Brockmire (2017-2020)


Hank Azaria carries Brockmire as Jim Brockmire, a disgraced former sports announcer who gets back in the saddle at a minor league baseball stadium he considers below him.

However, the supporting cast is just as important to the dynamic of the show, juxtaposing Brockmire’s inflated sense of self with the grassroots nature of the minor league team.

Brockmire, like Loudermilk, focuses on a man who is misunderstood but not irredeemable. He’s slowly brought out of his shell by unlikely friends and begins to understand that his status is not as important as his relationships.

4. Letterkenny (2016-2023)


Letterkenny has many funny quotes that revel in its unique brand of truly Canadian humor. The show takes place in a rural Canadian town full of residents who are stubborn in their own right, but not the stereotypical small-town characters that are frequently looked down upon on television.

Shown through the fast-paced, quippy dialogue, the characters are intelligent and have nuanced opinions that rival those of characters in shows that take place in metropolitan areas.

3. You’re The Worst (2014-2019)

You're The Worst.

Two equally unlikable characters try to form a lasting relationship Neither Jimmy (Chris Geere) nor Gretchen (Aya Cash) have many redeeming qualities or much to recommend them.

However, despite their selfish tendencies and disregard for the feelings of others, they find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other.

It’s refreshing for each of them to be with someone just as bad as they are, and their behavior makes the other want to change and be better, while also incurring hilarious moments of complete humiliation.

You’re The Worst takes a distinctly romantic spin on dislikable characters, while Loudermilk decenters romance in favor of platonic connections, but both develop their difficult characters similarly.

2. Single Drunk Female (2022-2023)

Single Drunk Female.

A recovering alcoholic reevaluates her life and works to change.
After being confronted with the destructive effects of her addiction, Samantha (Sofia Black-D’Elia) has to move back home and start over while going through the difficult process of recovery.

Both Loudermilk and Single Drunk Female touch upon the topics of alcoholism and recovery, and like Loudermilk, Samantha doesn’t always have the best attitude about her lot in life.

In both shows, though the characters act self-destructively, it’s impossible not to root for them and hope that they’ll get better while retaining their sense of humor about the situation.

1. Shrinking (2023)


All the rules of therapy are broken, but connections are built along the way Harrison Ford gives a very good and different performance in Shrinking, as a therapist who has had enough with his clients and begins telling them the harsh truths he believes they need to hear.

His analysis of his patients is biting, but it’s clear that honesty, no matter how hard to hear, can be the best policy. Additionally, as more is revealed about his personal life, the root of his anger is shown, making him a more sympathetic figure.

In any show, Loudermilk or Shrinking, that has such a tough protagonist, it’s important to humanize them with a compelling backstory.

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