Yoga image optimizer: Best Image optimizer for web on Linux/windows in 2022

On Linux, there are a lot of image conversion and optimization applications available but with Yoga image optimizer you get the best result. For this reason, I started using this utility software in June 2022 for a website. Because on my website I have to use small size images for speed.

If you are on a windows system then you don’t have to worry about it because YOGA Image Optimizer provides you official support on windows too.

Yoga Image Optimizer

Optimized Image is so necessary nowadays so for that Fabien LOISON made a beautiful GUI application based on Yoga with this you can convert it into JPEG, PNG, WebP, and WebP(Lossless).

Yoga Image Optimizer

Features of Yoga

  • You can transform the size of your image.
  • For a website, you can optimize your image in WebP.
  • Quality is where you can choose how much you need to optimize your image.
  • With this, you can optimize and reduce image size by up to 70%.
Yoga image optimizer

In elementary os, you get Image Optimization app from GijsGoudzwaard which is greater but with them you can’t convert your png and jpeg into webp.

Install Yoga image optimizer on Linux

Yoga is a python library and cli tool to convert your images. so you can use this application in your linux terminal. Also if you want to use this as a GUI then you can get it Flatpak version from flathub.

On arch Linux you get get it from AUR(Arch user repository) which work as flatpak version. but if you are on debian or Fedora then you can use flatpak.

there’s lot of guide on how you can setup flatpak on your operating system which you are using currently.

After installing flatpak you can run one command and you are able to install easily on your system.

flatpak install flathub

My thoughts on Yoga image converter and optimizer

If you are using online website for optimizing your images and then using for converting so then this application gonna help you so much. with this I am able to speed up my two WordPress website because I always use webp format which is so lightweight so you can achieve 100% score in google page speed score.

If you have any suggestion and update on this topic then you can let us know about Yoga image optimizer.

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