7 Best WordPress hosting control panels for cloud hosting(2022)

Hosting a WordPress website is so hard sometimes when we don’t know about it but with cloud providers like AWS, Linode, and DigitalOcean we can get affordable hosting but here we have to manage our server.

So for a regular WordPress user, it’s hard, but with WordPress hosting Control Panel, we can host our website for just $5 and buy hosting for as long as we want.

On autosy.in we are using Microsoft Azure to host our website and we are doing it almost for free. for that, we tried a lot of Hosting Control Panels but for that we used Webinoly and that worked so well.

So we thought why not make a complete guide on Best free and open-source WordPress hosting control Panels for cloud hosting?

Best WordPress hosting control panel

When it comes to hosting a website, there are many options available in the market. we all used CPanel which is the industry standard and all major WordPress hosting providers provide you but for self-host, it’s paid so we need a free and open-source control panel.

Here are some free and open-source best WordPress hosting control panels you can use for your next WordPress website.


CloudPanel Best wordpress hosting control panel

Here on theplaymag.com, we are using cloudpanel on amazon web services(AWS), and this work so well. We are using Cloudflare to manage our DNS, and both work well with our website.

Recently CloudPanel got a new update and with this, they improved a lot of elements in the dashboard.

Some of the main features of CloudPanel:)

  • Site Management
  • Dashboard to look at uses of server
  • Neat and clean Admin Area
  • Automation


webinoly best hosting control panel

Webinoly is an easy and simple command-line solution for optimized NGINX web servers. with this, we gonna create LEMP which means we can run not just WordPress but also a lot of other PHP websites.

With webinoly, you set up everything on the Command line so you don’t deal with a graphical user interface(GUI) so it consumes fewer resources.

Because of the NGINX server, you get a lot of benefits like FastCGI caching and a lot more. Also to set up Webinoly WordPress hosting control panel you just use one command.

wget -qO weby qrok.es/wy && sudo bash weby

Main features of Webinoly

  • Use fewer resources than any other hosting control panel
  • Active developer community
  • good documentation if you need any help regarding setup your LEMP.



aaPanel is the most popular WordPress Hosting control panel to host your website and manage everything using graphical UI here you can install WordPress and monitor your resources and FTP and a lot more you can achieve from aaPanel.

For basic uses, aaPanel comes as a free forever plan but they also offer a professional plan with that you get some extra plugins and good support.

In order to host aaPanel you just need to hit only command on your server and you are good to go here’s the official documentation to Install aaPanel on your cloud hosting.

some of the features of aaPanel

  • aaPanel comes with an online file manager.
  • One-stop solution for hosting a WordPress website.
  • aaPanel support almost every major server like Debian, Ubuntu, and centos.



Hestia is a lightweight open-source Linux web control panel with this you can manage your DNS, Mail, Database, and Backup. The first time I heard about HestiaCP was on IdeaSpot where they set up oracle cloud free instances where they used and after that, I am in love with this wordpress hosting control panel.

Maybe the first time you look at the interface of HestiaCP it’s don’t look that fancy but it works. Hestia has complete documentation so that you don’t get confused.

Features of HestiaCP

  • custom Mail so you don’t have to use any other service.
  • Cron’s job is to manage.
  • Online file manager and statics of server.



WordOps is a High-performance wordpress hosting control panel. it’s specially developed for wordpress stack so that you can manage it easily.

WordOps uses custom NGINX so it’s so fast and secure and it mange everything that’s important for your web security.

Installing wordpress using WordOps is so easy and secure so if you are new to managing wordpress you are safe with wordops wordpress hosting control panel.

features of WordOps

  • Easy and fast deployment.
  • Custom NGINX build.
  • SSL/TLS.
  • monitoring.



CyberPanel uses the Openspeed server by default so if you are looking OpenSpeed cache so this wordpress hosting control panel gonna fulfill your need.

this control panel is a community-driven project and with this, you can manage everything using GUI so you can do everything as we do in Cpanel which is industry standard in hosting control panels but it’s free.

Also, CyberPanel is most recommended for experts to beginners. there’s almost every feature and the most secure panel.



Plesk is a paid service so host your website on your cloud server. but some cloud providers give you a web admin edition free and for this, you have to take a look at your host.

After cPanel I think plesk take a place in order to manage your server and host a website.

Best cloud server control Panel: Conclusion

In this article, we take a look at the 7 Best WordPress Hosting control panels. these are some best available to use but maybe there are more from 7 I am gonna recommend to you the 3 best control panel which is WordOps, CloudPanel, and Webinoly.

Also if you have any suggestions for this article then you can mention them in the comment section. and also you can contact us.

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