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How to fix touchpad gestures on endeavouros easy way in 2022

On a laptop, if we wanna use Linux then we need better support for touchpad gestures. So let's fix touchpad gestures on endeavouros.

Since I work from a laptop and I use Linux so that’s why I need better touchpad gesture support out-of-the-box. But with EndeavourOS if I am gonna use Nvidia driver then I am gonna lose Wayland support and with that, I also lose all gnome 41 gestures too. To fix this touchpad gestures on endeavouros problem I am gonna use touchegg a Linux multi-touch gesture recognizer.

If you face this problem in any Linux distro then you can use this same guide because this gonna work on every major distribution out there.

For the last 2 days, I am running EndeavourOS and I switched from elementary os. In the future, I am gonna share my experience with this Linux distro.

Touchpad gestures on endeavouros

If you are not using the Nvidia card with Linux then good luck because you are not going to face this problem. since my laptop has Nvidia mx130 so I have to use an external tool touchegg.

Since endeavouros is based on ArchLinux so we are going to install the AUR package. You can also use AUR helper but here I am gonna do it manually.

In the AUR library, there is a lot of touchegg packages available but we need just touchegg since we don’t want openrc or non-systemd.

We gonna use the git clone feature to download this package to our system.

$ git clone
git clone touchegg touchpad gestures on endeavouros
$ ls
$ cd touchegg
$ makepkg -si

After these three command our system gonna check all system dependencies and if needed to download it’s gonna download and after that our touchegg gonna be installed. You just need to accept that by typing Y.

Since we installed touchegg and run touchpad gestures on endeavouros we need to enable that by just typing two more commands.

touchegg arch does not start by default so we need to start it manually.

$ sudo systemctl enable touchegg.service
$ sudo systemctl start touchegg

After doing this you just need to log out and after that, all basic touchpad gestures gonna work perfectly.

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But if we need our touchpad gestures we can add them by using a desktop graphical application touche.

Touche is a desktop application to configure Touchégg. You can download this as a flatpak package or AUR with arch Linux.

Here is a command to install this same as the last one.

$ git clone
$ ls
$ cd touche
$ makepkg -si

After this, you can launch a graphical application touche to configure touchegg.

Touchpad gestures on endeavouros


If your distro doesn’t support trackpad gestures then you can add multitouch trackpad gestures on linux. On the official guide of touchegg, you can find every major distro command so you can easily do that in any other distro. So that we can use touchpad gesture linux.

This is a simple guide on how you can enable touchpad gestures on endeavouros.

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