Top 7 Netflix Horror Movies Worth Watching

Netflix's best collection of horror movies ever that will help you understand mysterious phenomena.

Horror movies are also very popular, and people watch them to calm their fears and learn about mysterious incidents Netflix is ​​​​full of all this where you will get all types of movies and TV shows, the most popular of them.

Movies that are mysterious and full of fear and all those movies give Netflix the status of a good platform.

Netflix Horror Movies list

  1. Bird Box Barcelona
  2. The Conference
  3. Sister Death
  4. The Pope’s Exorcist
  5. We Have A Ghost
  6. Tin & Tina
  7. Viking wolf

7. Viking wolf

Viking Wolf

Norwegian horror and thriller film “Viking Wolf”: In the year 1050, during a Viking raid on a Normandy monastery, the raiding party stumbles upon a wolf cub behind a locked door, believing it holds treasure.

As compensation for the absent gold and silver, the Vikings take the cub to Norway. However, by the time their ship reaches the Norwegian coast, all the Vikings have been killed by the wolf🐺, which escapes into the Norwegian wilderness.

Fast forward to the present day in the Norwegian town of Nybo: 17-year-old Thale, who recently moved there with her family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, becomes entangled in a chilling mystery.

When a horrifying creature attacks during a party, Thale’s life takes a dark turn, and she must confront ancient legends and supernatural forces.

6. Tin & Tina

Tin & Tina

Norwegian horror and thriller film “Tin & Tina”: In the early 1980s, in Spain, Adolfo and María de los Dolores, also known as Lola, suffered from a tragic miscarriage right after getting married.

Due to severe internal damage, Lola loses their babies and will never be able to bear another child👶 again. A depressed Lola finds it hard to get back to life. Adolfo encourages her to go out and suggests they adopt children from a nearby convent.

Reluctantly, Lola agrees, and they visit the old convent. There, they encounter the super religious twin siblings, Tin and Tina, who quickly run to Lola after hearing thunder, which they believe is God’s wrath.

Despite Adolfo finding them strange, Lola acknowledges that they need love. Tin and Tina’s obsession with religion leads them to force their habits on the couple. While Adolfo tries to adjust, Lola struggles, having lost faith in God after losing her babies.

The twins’ belief in gods escalates to dangerous games, where they nearly suffocate each other to see God. Lola tries to ignore their habits, but their mischievous innocence takes a dark turn when they kill Lola’s dog🐶, Kuki, believing they’ve cleansed his soul.

5. We Have A Ghost

We Have A Ghost

American supernatural horror comedy film “We Have a Ghost”: The Presley family purchases a cheap and abandoned house, where the youngest son, Kevin, records a video of a ghost👻 in the attic.

This mute ghost, who wears a shirt with the name ‘Ernest’, has no memory of its past life. Kevin takes it upon himself to help Ernest discover his history. Meanwhile, Kevin’s father, Frank, uploads the video🎥 of Ernest on YouTube to gain fame. At school, Kevin befriends his neighbor, Joy.

Together, they uncover a photo of Ernest with a previous house owner named Ernest S. As Ernest experiences flashbacks related to his daughter, the plot thickens.

Dr. Leslie Monroe, a horror writer who once ran a CIA program for capturing ghosts👻, breaks into the Presley home to capture Ernest. However, Kevin, Joy, and Ernest have already embarked on a journey to find Ernest S. in Oklahoma.

There, they learn that the ghost’s real name is Randy. Ernest S. reveals a dark secret: he and his wife murdered Randy to take their daughter, June, as their own. The CIA arrives in Oklahoma, and chaos ensues.

4. The Pope’s Exorcist

The Pope's Exorcist

American supernatural horror comedy film “The Pope’s Exorcist”: In 1987, Father Gabriele Amorth, the Pope’s exorcist, embarks on a chilling investigation. He visits an Italian village where a man🙍‍♂️ appears to be possessed by a demon.

Alongside the local priest, Amorth confronts the bound man, using a Saint Benedict Medal sacramental. When the demon possesses a pig, Amorth’s unconventional methods raise eyebrows within the Church.

Assigned by the Pope, Amorth heads to Spain to aid a traumatized boy👦 named Henry. Henry’s family inherits a mysterious old Spanish abbey, and eerie events unfold. As supernatural forces escalate, Amorth faces a Church tribunal, skeptical bishops, and a centuries-old conspiracy.

3. Sister Death

Sister Death

Spanish supernatural horror film “Sister Death”: In 1939 Spain, a young girl named Narcisa is revered for her seemingly holy visions. Ten years later, novice nun Narcisa arrives at a convent-turned-girls’ school after the Spanish Civil War⚠️.

She is greeted by Sister Julia and the Mother Superior, who are enthused to have the “holy girl” among them. Strange occurrences haunt Narcisa: nightmares, falling chairs, and inexplicable writing on the blackboard.

She befriends Rosa, a student who reveals that the convent is haunted by an entity called “the girl.” As the paranormal intensifies, Narcisa seeks answers and completes a mysterious drawing. Tragedy strikes when Rosa is found hanged, and Sister Julia blames Narcisa.

2. The Conference

The Conference

Swedish comedy-horror film “The Conference”: A group of municipal workers attends a team-building conference in Kolarängen, following public backlash about their project—a shopping center’s development.

Their professional outing takes a dark turn when a mysterious killer🦹‍♀️ starts dropping dead bodies around their hotel’s campgrounds. Led by team leader Jonas, the dysfunctional group faces mounting tension and suspicion.

1. Brid Box Barcelona

Bird Box Barcelona

Spanish supernatural horror film “Bird Box Barcelona”: In a post-apocalyptic Barcelona, Sebastián, a grizzled survivor, roams the desolate streets with his daughter, Anna, after a mysterious force causes widespread destruction.

This unseen force has the power💪 to wipe out humanity, dividing people into two factions: the survivors blindly walking to safety and the Seers, who work with the invisible creatures. Sebastián harbors a dark secret that makes him unexpectedly dangerous.

As the group attempts to reach a potential safe house🏠 in the mountains, they encounter shocking twists, sudden deaths, and relentless pursuit by the Seers.

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