12 Best Things to do after installing MX Linux

MX Linux is the most popular distro on DistroWatch trending page So if you recently installed MX Linux and thinking about what to do after installing MX Linux don’t worry about it, I am going to share a complete guide on Best Things to do after installing MX Linux.

MX Linux is based on Debian stable and because of that we get best performance and with MX tool we can tweaks system as you wish.

I am a writer at theplaymag.com and used MX Linux for 4 months so I can suggest some best MX Linux post Install guides I hope you going to like them.

Things to do after installing MX Linux

MX Linux comes with everything that we need in our daily use case like browsers to office suite, but I am going to focus on customization of MX Linux and make it best for daily use.

1. Update system

If you are new to Linux and thinking about what to do after installing, then you must update your system before doing any customization. Because it’s help us in positive way, and we don’t have conflicts with packages.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

2. Install Essential Software

I know that MX Linux comes with great support of applications but you don’t need anything to use mx Linux for basis but for my workflow I use some apps which is required for my workflow. you can build workflow using these apps.

sudo apt install [app name]

3. Configure MX Desktop

Mx Linux comes with XFC desktop environment, but it’s not default Xfc mx team made some tweaks and its look great and functional. So, if you want to customize it you can don with MX tools. for every task you have tool in MX Linux. So best of luck for your future.

4. Install Additional desktop Environments

If you don’t like lightweight desktop and you want to more customization so you can do that with KDE Plasma so you can install these additional desktop environments.

5. Install Snap and Flatpak Support

If you use Linux for daily use, then you must use one of the universal package solutions like Flatpak or Snap. Because of these we can switch to different distributions without any hustle to find applications.

Installing snap and flatpak on MX Linux is so easy and you can find a lot of detailed guides on How to install Faltpak and Snap on MX Linux.

6. Install Favourite Browser Extensions

MX Linux comes with Firefox browser and as a MX Linux user we need some useful extensions to make our browsing experience great so you can use these extension.

Here’s a guide on Best Firefox browser extension that you can install to make your Experience best.

7. Customize Keyword Shortcuts

If you are a keyboard person like me who doesn’t want to use mouse or touchpad for that I use custom Keyboard shortcuts so whenever I switch to different distro I don’t have to think about my workflow because I can Customize Keyboard shortcuts. this is one of the best things to do after installing MX Linux.

8. Configure Firewall

Firewall is most important things to do after installing MX Linux because as a Linux use, we don’t want to take a security risk and with Firewall we can stay safe.

Also, MX Linux provide us best in class Firewall you just have to enable it.

9. Configure Power Management

Since I use Linux on My Laptop which is 4 years old, and I don’t want to stay connected to charger, so I use Power Management tool called TLP and you can also install it on MX Linux.

It’s easy and effective things to do after installing MX Linux to optimize our battery 🔋 life.

10. Panel Customization

By default, MX Linux comes with left side panel where you get all the controls in left side panel but lots of people love bottom panel so you can switch it to bottom panel. I think if you are using small screen size laptop then you can use bottom panel.

But when I used MX Linux for some time I kind like left side panel because of that I don’t have to drag my mouse or touchpad.

11. Install Favorite Themes

Since MX Linux uses XFC desktop environment and for that we got lot of best theme for xfc and you can change looks and feel of your desktop.

Installing a theme’s is easy you just need to create a folder names .themes inside home directory.

12. Backup Your Data

Backup is most important things to do after installing MX Linux because we don’t know when we break our system where we can’t recover any data but when we have backups, we can safely use it

Conclusion on things to do after installing MX Linux

In this article I share best things to do after installing MX Linux so if you have any questions regarding it you can drop me a comment and I am going to solve your problem.

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