10 best things to do after installing KDE Neon (2023)

Confused after installing KDE Neon?

Don’t worry in this post we gonna deep dive into things to do after installing KDE Neon in 2023.

KDE Neon is Ubuntu’s long-term support-based operating system by the KDE team. Where you can get so much new KDE technology and software.

Since Ubuntu is a solid and stable distro and on top of it if you get the latest software then I think KDE Neon is the best Linux distribution for KDE Fans.

Things to do after installing KDE Neon

KDE Neon comes with Snap and Flatpak packaging but you can also use an apt package manager and you have KDE’s pkon package manager also. So you gonna get any software that you want to download.

Enable tap to click

If you are using KDE Neon on your laptop then you have to tweak your TouchPad settings. You gonna find Touchpad settings under Input devices.

Update your system

It’s recommended to update your system whenever you install something or if you just installed os using ISO but you have to update because there are always new dependencies available and if we didn’t update then maybe our system crash.

we gonna use the APT package manager since KDE neon is based on Ubuntu Long term support.

sudo apt install && sudo apt upgrade -y

Install media codecs

Ubuntu doesn’t provide us with media codecs so we gonna install Media codecs on KDE Neon. Here are commands to install Media codecs.

sudo apt install kubuntu-restricted-extras

Increase fonts size

If you think that your desktop has small-size fonts then you need to increase font size you can find this setting under settings. this is one of the best things to do after installing KDE neon.

Install Apps

KDE Neon doesn’t come with a lot of applications so we gonna install some essential applications on KDE Neon.

  • LibreOffice
  • Vlc
  • Ktorrent
  • GUFW
  • Chromium
sudo apt install libreoffice vlc ktorrent gufw chromium

these are some essential applications you should install. this is one of the best things to do after installing KDE neon 2022.

Active night light

if you are a night worker then you have to enable Night light. this is simple but it’s important for our eyes. Night Light is can be enabled using Kde settings and under the display section.

Enable Floating Panel

In KDE Plasma 5.26 KDE team introduce the floating panel which looks so great on our desktop here you can take a look and how to enable it.

floating Panel is good but sometimes it defloat automatically which is not good but it is what is it.

Enable Firewall

A firewall is important for our Linux system. Gufw firewall is easy to use and enable with one click.

how to install Gufw firewall

sudo apt-get install gufw

A firewall secures our system. we can choose profiles like Home Default etc. this is one of the best things to do after installing KDE neon

Tiling window manager

Tiling Window manager is essential for my workflow and on Kde plasma you have two scripts but now Kwin-scripts but now this script now working as we want but the Bismuth tiling script works great with our Kde neon. one of the essential things to do after installing KDE Neon.

sudo apt install kwin-bismuth


tlp is essential if we are using a Laptop where we have limited battery capacity and by default no power management available for Laptop. installing tlp is essentially things to do after installing KDE Neon

command to install tlp on KDE neon

sudo apt install tlp tlp-rdw

after installing tlp we need to enable it here are the commands to enable it.

sudo systemctl enable tlp.service
sudo systemctl start tlp.service


I think KDE Neon is underrated Linux distribution that’s why there are not of guides available on the internet. KDE Neon is one of the KDE Projects where that showcase the latest features and updates. So these are some basic things to do after installing KDE Neon.

If you have any suggestions or questions about Linux in general you can leave a suggestion so we can work in the future and make a good Linux community

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