14 best things to do after installing fedora 37 workstation

Upgraded to Fedora 37 workstation?

If you are confused that what you should do after installing the fedora. then don’t worry here are some best things to do after installing fedora 37 workstation.

On Nov 15 2022 after so much delay fedora officially released a new version of fedora 37 with a lot of changes.

things to do after installing fedora 37

Fedora 37 comes with basic gnome applications and LibreOffice suite. But to make a desktop according to your need you need to do some tweaks so that you can do your work easily so here are some best tweaks to do after installing fedora.

Change touchpad settings

If you are using fedora 37 with a mouse and keyboard then you don’t have to do this step. Since I am using a Laptop and for that, you have to tweak some settings like enabling Tap to click and Touchpad Speed.

touchpad settings

Make DNF faster

Fedora uses the DNF package manager which is good but it is slightly slow compared to other package managers. we can configure dnf to make it faster.

DNF doesn’t come with parallel downloads and the fastest mirrors so if you fix this dnf gonna be fast as any other package manager.

we gonna use the nano text editor but you can use a GUI editor like the Gnome text editor. but for this task, you just open a terminal and paste this command into your terminal

sudo nano /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

After this paste these commands into the editor.


congier dnf to donwnload faster

to exit and save this file you just have to press ctrl+x, then y, and then enter to write it.

this is one of is most important things to do after installing fedora 37 workstations to download everything faster.

Update system

After dnf configuration you have to update your system before doing anything. Everyone gonna recommend it because without this you could break your system.

In fedora 37 when we upgrade we gonna see a new kernel and a lot more. so it’s important things to do after installing fedora 37

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh
Update fedora 27

Third-party repository

Fedora workstation comes with a free and open-source repository. So if you need non-free software then you have to add that repository to your system.

In gnome-software, you can enable google-chrome, steam, and Nvidia driver if you need them like if you have a new graphics card from Nvidia then you should use Nvidia drivers otherwise you don’t need them.

Enable Flatpak support

Fedora comes with flatpak but you have to add the flathub repository to download from gnome software. After this, you can download the Flathub application that you like and use. Since I use a lot of Flatpak applications on my system.

flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo

After you run the above command into the terminal you can download any flathub application on your system. So this is one of the best things to do after installing fedora 37

Remove Unwanted Software

Fedora workstation comes with an office and all basic applications but we don’t need that all software. Since I don’t use LibreOffice so I have to remove it. to remove the software from fedora you can use gnome-software or a terminal.

For the terminal to remove LibreOffice suite from fedora

sudo dnf remove libreoffice*

using software

remove software using gnome software

Install essential applications

essential applications may warry person to person so for me I need a music player, Markdown editor, image optimizer, and extension browser.

For my daily used application, I use flatpak so if I have to distro hope I don’t miss anything that I can’t use on other systems but you can install it from dnf package manager.

  • Music player – Myuzi
  • Markdown editor- Apostrophe
  • image optimizer – Yoga image optimizer
  • gnome extension browser

Install gnome tweaks and extension browser

Gnome tweaks are used for managing Fonts and some other tweaks and an extension browser is used for downloading and managing gnome extensions. So you don’t have to visit the gnome extension website.

You can download gnome tweaks from the terminal and software so if you are new you can use the software. Since we add flatpak support you can also download an extension browser. One of the best things to do after installing fedora 37.

Night light

If you are a person who writes at night you should enable night light and set the color temperature and time. Also when you turn it on you get extra control into your new quick setting panel.

Night light

Enhance the new Quick setting panel

In gnome 43 you get a new Quick setting panel where you get your basic controls so you don’t have to open your setting again and again.

For the Quick setting panel, you have some tweaks extension in the gnome extension store you can download and enhance the user experience of Quick setting.

Quick setting

Install Firefox gnome theme

To make your boring-looking firefox into a good-looking gnome web. since we are using a gnome desktop why not use gnome design? Firefox gnome theme is one the best things to do after installing fedora 37 workstation.

curl -s -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rafaelmardojai/firefox-gnome-theme/master/scripts/install-by-curl.sh | bash
After gnome firefox theme

Configure gnome-terminal

In Fedora 37 workstation we get a gnome-terminal, not a Console which comes with gnome-os. without Font customization, we can’t able to see.

Under preferences, we get profiles where you can set text, color, transparent background, and scrollbar. this is one of the best things to do after installing fedora 37 workstation.

gnome terminal

tlp setup on fedora

If you using a laptop like me then you need a battery optimizer utility like tlp with the help of this we can increase our laptop life. it’s easy to set up and works great.

sudo dnf install tlp tlp-rdw

after installing we have to enable and start it here are these commands.

sudo systemctl enable tlp.service
sudo systemctl start tlp.service

Fractional scaling

if you are using a laptop then maybe this is useful for you because when we want to scale our desktop then there are no options like 125 but without fractional scaling, we are not able to see so here is a command to enable fractional scaling.

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"


After installing fedora 37 you can do a lot of things but these are the most nessarsary things to do after installing fedora. we hope you are enjoying the new fedora release with gnome desktop.

if you have any suggestions for us then you can write to us.

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