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Best things to do after installing Fedora 35 Workstation on a Laptop

Fedora workstation now is the main distribution for my work. So here I make some tweaks that you can do also. things to do after installing fedora 35

Fedora comes with Free and Open-source software. So I wanna make your personal computer more work-friendly according to My need. So here are the best things to do after installing Fedora 35 workstation.

Fedora workstation comes with default Gnome no customization done by Fedora team. So that you can experience Gnome tech.

Since Fedora uses gnome as their main DE(Desktop environment) so if you love minimal and clutter-free software and you can not do any hardcore customization as you do in KDE.

Here on my Laptop which has an intel i5 8th Gen CPU and Nvidia Geforce MX130 graphics card. So here I am using it as my daily driver for my work.

Take a look at things to do after installing Fedora 35 Workstation.

Things to do after installing Fedora 35

Since Fedora uses the DNF Package manager so we gonna use that a lot in this post. DNF is the next generation of yum software manager.

Updating System

In a previous post about things to do after installing elementary os, I suggest that It’s best practice to update our system before doing anything with our system, and also If you can take backup your system that gonna be better.

$ sudo dnf update
$ sudo dnf upgrade


If you are using Fedora on a laptop then you have to do some tweaks in order to click on any button. Because in Fedora workstation we don’t get Tap to click by default so we have to enable it first.

Also if you don’t feel scrolling is natural then you can enable Natural scrolling so that it feels natural.

Touchpad settings

RPM Fusion and third party repository

Fedora comes with only a free and open-source repository so if you wanna use any proprietary software or wanna use Flatpak. so we need to enable all rpm repositories or non-free rpm repositories.

But keep in mind when you gonna install non-free drivers for the Nvidia cards you gonna lose your Wayland support and shipped to X11.

You can enable or disable using gnome-software with just a simple toggle button, not any terminal commands.

Gnome tweaks

If you wanna use minimize and maximize button on window titlebars then you need this small utility. Also if you wanna change themes, icons, and fonts then this utility tool gonna help a lot.

You can install gnome tweaks using a terminal or software center

$ sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks
Gnome tweaks, things to do after installing fedora 35 workstaiton
things to do after installing Fedora 35

System monitor tool

Htop and Bpytop is a small system monitor utility with this you can force shut down any program that uses the heavy resources. Also, it’s so lightweight and easy to install.


here is some command to install htop on the fedora workstation.

$ sudo dnf install htop
things to do after installing fedora 35


It’s a python-based system monitor tool which is developed by Jakob P. Liljenberg. Also if you wanna use this tool in C++ then you can also give it a try but that is in an early stage.

$ sudo dnf install bpytop
things to do after installing fedora 35

Fractional scaling and font scalling

My laptop screen needs fractional scaling in order to see clearly so there is two option available in gnome. I can increase the font size from gnome tweaks or I can enable Display scaling.

Here is a command to enable display scaling.

For Wayland session

$ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

For X11 session

$ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']"

Sound Fix after updating Fedora workstation

In Fedora 34 and 35, I faced the same issue after updating the system suddenly our system audio gone there is no icons and toggle buttons.

You can fix this issue by just simple rebooting.

Geatures not working after logout

It’s a simple one because when we are at the logout screen and if by mistake press that setting button then our session gonna be changed into X11. and with that out trackpad gestures not gonna work.

Just log out and tap that setting button one time and log in to your system.

Most important software

Since fedora comes with only the Foss package so I have to install a lot of software. I am gonna make the most important software for Fedora so that you can do it. That is all things to do after installing fedora 35 on your system.


I know it’s Linux and you can customize it as you want but here I share my things to do after installing Fedora 35 Workstation. You can do a lot of things with the config that I did not touch that part because that is not everyone’s taste.

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