7 Best things to do after installing EndeavourOS

EndeavourOS is based on Arch Linux which offer best Arch experience. So, if you recently installed Endeavouros and don’t know what to do after installing EndeavourOS. Here’s Best things to do after installing EndeavourOS.

Since Arch linux comes with terminal based installer and lot of people don’t like that so EndeavourOS solve this problem with Calamares installer. So let’s dive into EndeavourOS Post install steps.

Things to do after installing EndeavourOS

In new EndeavourOS you gonna get Welcome screen that have lot of options like updating mirrors, updating system and lot more and then we gonna dive more into it.

1. Update Mirrors

Updating mirrors gives us great speed while updating the system or downloading some new packages. Since we are updating our system then we need to update mirrors according to our location.

  • In Welcome Screen, you gonna see Update mirrors when you open it you gonna get a screen where you have to choose your preferred location.
  • then you gonna get the Pacman config file which contains the fastest mirror for you then you have to save it.

2. System Update

In Endeavour OS you have 2 options to update your system. Also it’s important while doing any customization you update your Linux system.

In Welcome Screen app you get option for update your system.

Also you can update your system update using terminal here’s comand to update your EndeavourOS.

sudo pacman -Syu

3. Pacman Options

You get this option in Welcome App using this option you can clean your pacman Cache as you want and it’s gonna cleanup your disk space.

4. GUI Package Manager

In Arch Linux distibutions we always see GUI Package manager that developed by Manjaro team which is called Pamac and you can install this on your EndeavourOS if you don’t want to use terminal everytime you need new software.

Pamac avilable in AUR repositories so you can use AUR Helper or Do it manually Here’s a guide for installing Pamac on Arch.

5. Automatic Backup

Backup is important for us because as a Linux user we do lot of things in our system and lot of time we break our system, so it’s recommended to use a automatic backup solutions like timeshift or any other backup solution that you prefer.

Here’s command to install timeshift on your EndeavourOS:

git clone <https://aur.archlinux.org/timeshift.git>
cd timeshift
makepkg -si

6. Essential applications

In Essential applications you get Firefox by default but not many applications comes with EndeavourOS so we have to install by ourselves.

Here’s list of some important applications to install:

7. TLP on EndeavourOS

If you are using EndeavourOS on your laptop, then you have to install some kind of Battery 🔋 optimize application from which you can get great battery life on a Linux machine.

Here’s the commands to install TLP on EndeavourOS:

sudo pacman -S tlp tlp-rdw
sudo systemctl enable tlp.service
sudo systemctl start tlp.service

8. Fractional Scaling

If you are using EndeavourOS with gnome on your windows laptop then I think you see lot small everything because windows laptop comes with 125% fraction scaled so on Linux, we have to scale it.

Here some commands to enable Fractional Scaling on EndeavourOS:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

9. Remove Unwanted Software

lot of times Operating system comes with some application which is not required for us then we can remove that application also on Arch Linux we can remove orphan packages which is not required.

Here’s you can remove these packages using command line or Pamac its easy process.

sudo pacman -Rs $ (pacman -Qtdq)

Conclusion on things to do after installing EndeavourOS

After install EndeavourOS you can do these 9 things to make your own EndeavourOS. In this guide we share EndeavourOS Post installation. And if you have any questions around best things to do after installing EndeavourOS you can leave comments.

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