Best Things to Do After installing Elementary OS

New to Elementary OS 7 and thinking where to start so here post installation guide on best things to do after installing Elementary OS 7.

In this blog post, we going to discover After installing Elementary OS 7 what we can do to make our distribution looks amazing and unique. So, let’s dive into the best things to do after installing Elementary OS 7

Things to do after installing Elementary OS

Elementary OS is known for stability and beautiful Linux distro based on Ubuntu stable so you get a stable yet functional desktop environment which is a pantheon.

Update & Upgrade

Before doing anything to our Linux OS we always Update and Upgrade our system so if there’s a update available then you should update it. So, you don’t break your system while customizing your Elementary OS.

For Update

sudo apt update

To Upgrade

sudo apt upgrade


Elementary OS 7 comes with great looks and enhanced pantheon desktop with new icon design. With lot of performance tweaks. So, there is no need for further customization.

In the setting section we get options to change backgrounds and accent color and many more.

Install Essential Applications

Every Linux distro need some essential application like browser, Note taking application, Music and video Player and office software.

  • Firefox or Brave Browser
  • Norka
  • VLC
  • Libre Office
Music Player

Recommended Application

Elementary OS 7 comes with a complete suite but according to your use case, you are going to need some applications. Like when I write content for my blogs, I always need an Image Optimizer.

Here’s best Application from Elementary OS AppCenter apps that you should take a look.

Automatic Backup

We are Linux user and we know when we lose our data or just crash our operating system then we need backup so we can restore our system and we don’t lose our data.

I use TimeShift for my backup on my Linux system. here’s instructions to install TimeShift on Elementary OS:

sudo apt install timeshift


Elementary OS comes with a great user experience and a focus on how you use your desktop. After installing Elementary OS 7 you can do a lot of things. But here I share the best things to do after installing elementary os 7.

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