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Streamchamp is the best to live streaming from your iOS device!!

Nowadays a lot of gamers doing live streaming using their only iOS device so here we are gonna tell you how you can start doing live streaming on youtube and any other platform

Nowadays mobile gaming is booming and according to Unboxing Therapy’s podcast in a single USA 90% of the population are playing mobile games. so they also gonna live streaming what they are playing on their mobile phone. there come to this app called streamchamp. we are gonna discuss that streamchamp is the best app to do live streaming on Youtube, Facebook, etc. from your iOS device.

Live streaming on Youtube, Facebook, etc. is very difficult because doing live streaming you need a lot of equipment but now days just simple your device and your internet.

Streaming with Streamchamp

Today in this article we are gonna look at the easy and simple interface of this app. And how easy doing live streaming happed nowadays.

But here also some pre-requirement like your device is capable of doing live-streaming direct to Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Also if you have 30/mbps internet speed then you can do live stream in good quility.


  • Good Internet connection
  • Decent device
  • Quality headphone/earphone

How to check your internet is good

Nowadays there are lots of tools available to check your internet connection but we always use by Ookla. Here you are gonna get your ping, Download, and Upload speed.

  • Visit the website from
  • And tap on the Go button
internet speed check for streamchamp

Here I am using Bsnl Brodbend with 50Mbps Plan but here you can check that what I get so if you have a 30Mbps plan then check that how much speed you get from your internet provider.

If you are a gamer then you know about ping. In case you don’t know then you can check these articles for a full guide about ping. in simple words, ping is a time where your device connects with the server.

In my experience upload speed always low and as a streamer, you need to upload speed high so choose your plan according to your requirement.

Good iOS device

Streamchamp is also a good app for low-end devices so don’t worry about the device. For example lot of YouTubers using their iPhone 7 and XR for doing live streaming with the help of streamchamp.

Good quality Headphone

Audio quality is as equal as video quality otherwise nobody gonna watch your stream. So you can buy noise cancelation headphone and plug into your iOS device.

IF your surrounding sound is going on your stream then you have to reduce it so your viewer can enjoy it.

Download StreamChamp

  • Open your AppStore
  • Search For streamchamp by AnjLab
  • Tap on the install button and verify with your password or Face id
streamchamp on AppStore
  1. Open the app when downloading is complete.
  2. You gonna see login with the twitch button nothing else.
  3. If you don’t have a twitch account then please make it (here are some official guide)
  4. When you tap on login with twitch then you have to authorize your account and share your credential with streamchamp to run the app.
Screenshot 2021 04 12 at 8

Here you gonna have lot of option in order to run a good stream. here we are gonna see some of features.

  • Here you get a video panel where you can decide that what you want to show on your live stream.
  • below that, you get your Audio control.
  • In audio control, you get Game audio and the second audio is for your mic that gonna show up on stream.
  • Below that, you can change your scenes like default you gonna see what happens on screen, starting soon, Be right back and Just Chating.
  • And you can change your video orientation like horizontal and vertical according to your preference
  • You can start broadcasting from here with this circle.

Streamchamp by default gonna start stream on twitch not on youtube so you have to change it manually so that this goes on your Youtube channel.

Here in App setting you get a lot of options like your stream platform your video resolution your audio control and nowadays streamchamp started Remote Control (experimental features) from this you can attach your webcam also.

In Order to stream on youtube with streamchamp here are some simple steps.

  • Right side upper corner you get setting when you go into setting you get option Ingests by default this is pointed on twitch server so you have to change it.
  • You can add you Youtube server URL and your uniqe Server key and tap on add.
  • Select this new added ingests.

Streamchamp autometic gonna set resulation according to your device but you can change it and also not only resulation but also bitrate according to your Internet Upload speed.

Some Pro Tips

  • If you want your stream at 60Fps then you have to restart your device before going live so to go higher fps.
  • Always plug your headphone before starting the stream not after because this gonna get some audio problem.
  • Set your bitrate according to your internet speed so don’t go above your speed otherwise stream gonna lag.

Our thought on streamchamp

We find this App before July 2020 and from that time we are using this app and we show on youtube a lot of 100k Youtuber using this app without subscription with their logo so start using this app as free without taking any hassle.

If you find this article helps give some feedback on our comment section belove. also if you wanna more helpful content then you can visit our site. Also if you have any problem without our content then contact us.

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