Spice-up creates beautiful presentations on Linux/elementary OS in 2022

Looking for the Best presentation app for a modern Linux desktop?

Spice-up is an open-source Linux application from Felipe Escoto who made Notes-up for elementary os. Spice-up is also available at the elementary os appcenter.

In a traditional office suite, you have to install a lot of dependencies and they are kind of overloaded with features but for a simple presentation, we don’t need that much for that reason this application is so good.

Spice-up: Create simple and beautiful presentations


As you can see above this interface it’s so simple and easy to use that you get some text, shapes, and transitions to make your slideshow attractive.

Here you can use templates or you can build your own slides with this application you get a lot of background patterns and beautiful color palettes.

Features of Spice-Up

  • Export into PDF.
  • Presentation browser.
  • Controller support: you plug a USB or Bluetooth device to control your slides.
  • No extra software needs if you share your slides. You can play through the browser.
  • If you edit your images into another software but when you save that image it’s automatically updated.
  • Slide-by-slide notes that are only viable to you.
  • Presentation transaction to make look attractive.

How to install Spice-Up on Linux

Since it’s an elementary os application that means if you are using an elementary os like me then you can download it from AppCenter. but if you using any other Linux distribution then you can download it as flatpak or PPA or you can build it yourself.


flatpak install flathub com.github.philip_scott.spice-up


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:philip.scott/spice-up-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install com.github.philip-scott.spice-up

this is how you can download this simple but powerful Linux presentation application on your system. Also for the last 1 year, there is no active development since the elementary os 6 version was released.

Now elementary os 7 coming soon then we have to take a look at where its development goes.


Creating Slides on Linux is so simple with Spice-Up. A simple but powerful tool that you can use for your work where you don’t need propriety software.

If you have any suggestions on Linux applications or Cloud you can write us.

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