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The Ultimate Guide To Pubg Live Stream Using Scrcpy 2021

Looking for a streaming solution so that you can do Pubg live stream using scrcpy. Here we setup scrcpy and obs for a smooth game stream

We share some useful content regarding stream and games we share an app called streamchamp but here in India not everybody has an iOS. So here the ultimate guide to Pubg live stream using scrcpy.

Everyone in this Lockdown situation playing some games but some of you also want to do Livestream on Youtube with the help of your mobile phone and laptop.

After the PUBG Mobile ban in India cause a lot of cause in viewership but not every big YouTuber playing pubg Korean version so a lot of you asking on quora that how we can live stream with the help of Your phone and laptop. So here we are gonna discuss Pubg live stream using scrcpy.

Pubg live stream using scrcpy

Scrcpy is GitHug project which mirror your Android screen to your windows, Linux pc and laptop. with the help of scrcpy you can do live-stream in 1080p 60FPS and above.

Here we are gonna discuss in-depth how to stream pubg mobile on youtube from pc without Elgato.

Let’s talk about how successful streamer do their live-stream with the help of elgato HD60 s. With this device they can mirror your device with high quality with sound so here we gonna see this device alternative softwer from this you can do same live stream.

Requirements for pubg live stream using scrcpy

  • A good Android device
  • Decent laptop or pc
  • Your data cable
  • Sound card
  • Aux cable
  • Splitter for sound

First, we have to connect a smartphone with a laptop and in your headphone jack we connect a splitter and from that splitter, we connect aux and that aux goes into a sound card that connected to pc/laptop.

How to download scrcpy

Scrcpy is an open-source project available on GitHub so if you want to download it directly you can visit their project URL. Otherwise, you can follow these instructions.

For windows

Scrcpy is available for windows in a zip file you can download scrcpy v1.17 directly from this download button

Also, you can download it with the help of chocolatey. Chocolatey is a windows package manager so that you can hit these commands into your windows command prompt.

choco install scrcpy
choco install adb    # if you don't have it yet

For linux

Scrcpy is avilable for almost every out of their linux distro. so you can download with comand line tool. also, you can build this app manually.

apt install scrcpy

Also if your distro support snap store then you can also download scrcpy. if you have enabled snapstore then you can use these commands.

sudo snap install scrcpy
Enable snap store

You can enable snap store by just hit some command in your command line.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd

How to mirror android phone to your pc

In order to do Pubg live stream using scrcpy, we need to give access to USB debugging so that scrcpy able to work.

  • Turn on USB Debugging.
  • Connect your phone to pc via data cable/charger cable.
  • Go to your pc/laptop and open the command prompt.

excute this command in order to run the program.


Here you have to do some additionl settings according to your hardwer condition.

Capture configuration

Reduce size

Sometimes, it is useful to mirror an Android device at a lower definition to increase performance. so that when you are gaming you don’t feel any lag.

To limit both the width and height to some value (e.g. 1024):

scrcpy --max-size 1024
scrcpy -m 1024  # short version
Change Bit-rate

The default bit-rate is 8 Mbps. You can chage bitrate so that you can get high quality mirror quality or you can dicrese quality so that you can stream smooth. To change the video bitrate (e.g. to 2 Mbps):

scrcpy --bit-rate 2M
scrcpy -b 2M  # short version

To disable controls (everything which can interact with the device: input keys, mouse events, drag&drop files):

This is important when we are doing games that do not support official control with keyboard mouse, so you are not banned that why you have to enable this option.

scrcpy --no-control
scrcpy -n

Sound setting

Sound is important in Gaming so here we are gonna do some tweak so that you can able to send your sound and game sound both into your stream. let’s set up sound for Pubg live stream using scrcpy.

  • Connect the sound splitter with your device. If your device doesn’t have a headphone jack then you have to use a cable that separates your charging cable and headphone jack you can buy from amazon.
  • Now you have your data cable connection and you connect your splitter into your device.
  • in splitter sound section point, you connect your aux that gonna goes into the sound card mic port.
  • Also, you gonna connect your headphone to your laptop/pc

Obs setup

Here we are not gonna some much into the obs guide because that is a separate topic. so here you have to setup your video source and one is a sound source.

  1. first of all, you have to connect your scrcpy windows into OBS as a video source that you can do by adding windows capture.
  2. For game sound, you have to add an input audio source and you have to select your sound card audio for game sound.
  3. For your sound, you can add the same input audio source and you can use just your headphone mic or use an external mic setup.

Here we share audio and video setup for you pubg live stream using scrcpy.

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PUBG live stream using Scrcpy


Streaming games on Youtube is so easy but sometimes we get stuck. Here we share our pubg live stream using scrcpy. so if you are that type of streamer you can use our guide. But if you need any other help regarding your stram you can contact us and we gonna help out.

If you find this article helps give some feedback on our comment section belove. also if you wanna more helpful content then you can visit our site.

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