The 5 Best OBS Settings for low-end Pc/Laptop

In our Country, every gamer is not rich so we have low-end pc/laptops. So here we are gonna look at some best OBS settings for low-end Pc/laptops.

If you have low-end hardware and you want to do Livestream using OBS streaming software. Here we are gonna do some setting tweak in OBS(Open Broadcaster Software). So if you are quite confused, how you can do Livestream in quality have a look at some best OBS Settings for low-end Pc.

When I was in class 12th and I asked for a laptop or PC from dad, all these electronic items are not available widely so I can purchase from anywhere. So in the end, I get a 25k Build HP powered small cabinet PC with 2GB RAM.

In 2018 I got my first laptop From ASUS Model number is X510UF and from this laptop, I started my digital journey and gaming too. But that time, my laptop had 8GB of ram, so I started Using OBS, so I am going to give the same settings that I used in my own life. So here are the top 5 Best OBS Settings for Low-end PC/laptop.

Best OBS Settings for Low-end PC

OBS is an open-source streaming project from this you can do live streaming without any other heavy studio or something else. on top of OBS lot of companies making their streaming solutions like Streamlabs and their competitor StreamElements give you an easy interface and a lot of new features that are missing in OBS.

How to download OBS

You can visit their website Open Broadcaster Software | OBS ( from here you can download according to your oprating system and also you can download from chocolatey the package manger for windows.

choco install obs

Why OBS is important

Sometimes we all need a recording solution for our windows pc/laptop that why this tool came in handy from this we can do recording our screen and Livestream.

So here we are gonna look best OBS settings for low-end pc/laptop that we can implement and starting our windows recording or streaming.

A lot of time some expensive software gives a recording solution where you can edit and correct your recording but here you can all do it free.

Especially when you have a low-and pc with bloated windows and we wanna recording or streaming our system starting lag so we have to do the best OBS settings for low-end laptops so that they can record or stream smoothly.

If you are an iPad user and wanna the same live streaming then we found a solution for you. And this art of software is Streamchamp. we write about the Best settings for streamchamp you can visit if you want to know

Best settings for recording

Here, my suggetion is if we are running low hardware pc and want to make content for your need. then the recording is gonna best option for you right now. when you grow then you can upgrade and make live streaming interesting as you want.

  • For recording, we are going to use Advance video output Where we can control a lot more let’s see what we can tweak.
OBS Settings for low end Pc
OBS Settings for low-end Pc
  1. In simple output mode, we can’t do so much tweak according to our need so choose advance.
  2. Type means you want some standard feature or custom output where you can do so much setting like recording format.
  3. If are not familiar with FFmpeg then the standard mode is good for you.
  4. By default, there is a .mkv format but a lot of time when I want to edit these edit my recorded video than a lot of video editing software not supporting .mkv file format.
  5. In intel Powerd, the low-end laptop has two encoders available to use one is QuickSync H.264, or the second one is x264.
  6. Rescale Output is an option where if your laptop or pc screen resolution is big but you want to scale down then this option is useful
  7. Bitrate is the most important OBS Settings for low-end Pc. Since we are recording that means we can go higher bitrate as possible. Normally 1080p 60FPS recording I use 8000 kbps.

OBS settings for streaming

For streaming, we can use the same settings if we have good stable internet speed but we all are living in a country where a lot of time stable internet is not possible that why we have to lower our Bitrate so that we can stream without any buffering or lag.

Before starting your stream always check your internet speed that is a good habit so that according to your Upload speed you can able to stream.

OBS settings for low-end PC
OBS settings for low-end PC
  • Same as the recording section here also you get the same encoders QuickSync H.264 and x264.
  • Here you can scale down your output video footage like you want to stream only 720p then you have to select 1280*720 resolution.
  • Target usage is CPU performance that if you are going to down then video is going render fast but video quality going to decrease but if we go balanced or high where our CPU gonna load but video outcome is good.
  • Bitrate, you have to set a bitrate according to your Upload speed’ 80% because your game or system gonna use the internet also keep that in mind also.


Here I share some of my settings about OBS Settings for low-end Pc or laptop or also if you have any quary realted to streaming with your old junk pc when also let us know we are goning to make a guide on OBS Settings for low-end Pc.

If you find this article helps give some feedback on our comment section belove. also if you wanna more helpful content then you can visit our site.

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