Most beautiful lightweight Linux distro in 2023

Linux is known for lightweight and we all use on servers and desktop. Here in this post, we going to discuss most beautiful lightweight Linux distro in 2023.

In this post we goanna talk about Lightweight Linux distro for old laptop that don’t work properly. But we don’t want old looking distro so here’s beautiful looking lightweight Linux distro.

Most beautiful Lightweight Linux Distro

If you started using Linux for first time then you should stay at one distro but for that I think Zorin OS lite going to be perfect choice as a beginner.

Zorin OS lite

zorin os lite
Zorin OS with sync feature

Zorin OS is developing great distro using XFC Desktop environments which is Zorin OS lite. And they have a done great work if you are coming from windows system. By default, they added lot of features like windows application integrations and gaming supports and many more.

Zorin team has 3 version where they promote pro edition. In this edition you get additional desktop layout similar to windows and macOS and other lot of useful tweaks.

Mx Linux

MX Linux is famous for lightweight and some useful tweak that’s important for using a Linux Desktop. They develop in-house technology where they use lot of technology like XFC, Flux box and many more.

MX linux
MX Linux

MX Linux XFCE edition is their flagship ISO which contain lot of useful tweaks and this is most beautiful lightweight Linux distro for old laptop/desktop.

Linux lite

Linux lite 6.2 released and with this they gave lot of lightweight application that actually work. Linux lite is based on Ubuntu LTS and uses lightweight desktop Environment.

Linux lite comes with windows style layout and office compatible so you don’t have to worry about your work.

Linux lite has great active community and updated documentations.


Xubuntu interface

Xubuntu is an officially recognized Ubuntu flavour. That mean you get Ubuntu with XFCE desktop and it’s work great if you don’t want to use official Ubuntu.

So, you can use Xubuntu and It’s come as a vanilla XFCE and you can customize your XFCE and you can use as a daily driver on your old hardware.


archcraft most beautiful lightweight linux distro

Archcraft is an arch-based Linux distro with keep in mind about lightweight so that you can run anywhere. Archcraft use lightweight window manager so you get max performance.

Archcraft is most beautiful Linux distro but also lightweight because it’s using window manager so it’s good for your old laptop.

Archcraft available in 3 flavours with Wayland window manager, XFC, and LXDE. so, you can choose as you want.

Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS is known for its lightweight so there’s no doubt about it that it’s not going to work on old laptop. Peppermint OS is based on Debian stable so you can do anything and it’s going to give you stable performance.

Peppermint OS support both 32bits and 64bits system so if you want to revive 10-year hardware you can don easily with Peppermint OS.

Conclusion on Most beautiful lightweight Linux distro

Here in this post, I share some of most beautiful lightweight Linux distro for old laptop to revive and able to use your old hardware. If you know about more Linux desktop that looks beautiful and uses less recourse then you can comment down and we going to add that distro on this list.

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