Easy steps to Make Windows 10 Bootable USB in Pop os

Here we make windows 10 bootable USB in Pop os with the help of ventoy open source project.

A long time ago when I started using Linux that time I want to shift back to windows but I am not able to make windows 10 bootable USB in pop os or any other Linux distribution.

So now when I face the same problem again that is why I am making this Guide on making Windows 10 bootable USB in Ubuntu, Fedora, or any other distro.

Make windows 10 Bootable USB in Pop os

Here we gonna take the help of an open-source project called ventoy with the help of this you can make any kind of bootable USB without any iso burn.


  • USB stick
  • System with pop! os
  • Ventoy

Since ventory is an open-source project so you can get the source code of the project and you can modify it according to your need. But here we gonna just download and we gonna run a script and gonna make windows bootable USB drive.

pop! os has a stable performance so if you are using it on your system but then suddenly you need a windows machine or some other reason so you can use this bootable USB for booting into a new operating system.

With Ventoy we can make multiple bootable USB sticks. so with this, we just need to put the .iso file into the drive and we are ready to boot into a new OS.

Download Ventoy

Ventoy is available on Github and their website but I recommend that you go with the releases page of ventoy on Github.

With ventoy, we can make multiple Bootable USBs so it’s a very helpful tool that we can use if you are distro hungry.

ventoy,make windows 10 bootable USB in pop os
Ventoy Home page

On the releases page of Ventoy download ventoy-1.0.54-linux.tar.gz or the latest release. and extract it.

Open extracted file and run a single command and you can get a web version or GUI as your need.

Ventoy file opens in a terminal and gives an ls command.

$ ls

Here you can choose GUI version or web version of ventoy but we gonna use Web here is a command of that

$ sudo ./VentoyWeb.sh

It gonna run the Ventoy server and you can open a browser and visit this link

Here you need to select your USB device and Install it on a USB device

Please keep in mind that your data on usb stick it not available if you install it so plase backup your important data.

Download windows 10 or 11 ISO

You can grab windows Bootable image on their official webpage windows 10 disc image lot of people so confused with windows iso but it is simple and easy.

So now make windows 10 bootable USB in Linux is so easy with ventoy no you just have to paste this ISO file into drive and boot into the new Operating system.

Install windows 10 on hardware

When we are into our boot menu then we have to select windows 10 image and then we are gonna do simple windows installation and if you are stuck into that also then you can follow this detailed guide on how to install windows 10 from bootable USB Drive from makeofuse.com.

also here are videos so that you don’t stick while installing your Windows 10 or 11.


Here we share a guide on how to make windows 10 bootable USB in Debian/ubuntu-based system. Because when I installed first-time Linux then I have to go back to windows that time I am not able to go back to windows that why I make this I hope this guide helps you to make bootable USB on linux.

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