Firefox-gnome-theme: best way to make firefox look like gnome browser in 2022

Using default Firefox theme on gnome desktop?

Don’t worry in this tutorial we gonna share how to make firefox look like gnome browser on gnome-desktop.

Rafael Mardojai CM is a developer who works on gnome desktop projects. Who is the developer of the popular application Blanket. they created a firefox theme based on Adwita style so our firefox browser blends into our gnome-desktop.

Make firefox look like gnome browser

The gnome theme for firefox recently get updated and now with fedora 37, I am running it. And this looks so good and firefox looks like a gnome browser.

This theme script work on all firefox’s latest version and also with firefox forks like LibreWolf which is the secondary browser that I use on my Linux system.

Before Firefox gnome theme on fedora 37 workstation:

firefox before applying gnome-firefox theme

Installation of firefox gnome theme

there are 3 ways you can install this script One is automatic where you use one command and this one is set all for you but you can clone the repo or manual.

One command curled script

curl -s -o- | bash

Clone the repo and enter it into the folder

In this way, we clone the repo and then run the installation script and we are good to go also we can choose a version if we want.

git clone && cd firefox-gnome-theme

Auto installation script


After restarting our firefox we gonna see a new theme installed successfully. this is how you can make firefox look like gnome browser.

Update the firefox Gnome theme

To Update the firefox gnome theme you need to repeat the installation step again you don’t have any other way to update. So you can clone the firefox gnome theme and repeat this step.

How to Uninstall the firefox Gnome theme

if you want to remove the theme and wanna use firefox default then you can follow these steps.

  • Go to your profile folder. (Go to about:support Firefox > Application Basics > Profile Directory > Open Directory).
  • Remove chrome folder.

Firefox after installing a firefox Gnome theme

Here we share how to make firefox look like gnome browser and here’s results.

make firefox look like gnome browser
After the firefox gnome theme


For firefox there is lot of themes avilable that why I like so much firefox so if i am using elementary os then I can blend firefox into penteon desktop and for gnome desktop I can make look like gnome web. this is how I make firefox look like gnome browser.

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