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Useful tips: is elementary os good for beginners(daily use) in 2022

Here is my experience with elementary os after daily use for 30 days. Is elementary os good for beginners(daily use).

Daily drive Linux after 6 months I can say that I make the right decision about switching from windows 11. Is elementary os good for beginners? yes, I can say that because I tried so many distros from Debian and arch.

In between, I write a lot of Linux content on my website theplaymag from Linux without going back to windows.

According to my workflow, I tried gnome, KDE, and cinnamon but after I upgraded my SSD on a laptop I installed elementary os the first time and I can say that I make a good decision in my workflow.

Since we are using Linux and we need everything according to our need or liking but with the pantheon desktop environment, you can’t do much because the elementary os team trying to make os stable and make UI/UX experience. So I kind of like that experience.

Is elementary os good for beginners?

A lot of people gonna say that the pantheon desktop is a macOS inspiration but I think if you used macOS and using elementary os then you gonna understand that It’s no different.

When I started using Linux then lost in KDE customization no doubt that’s fun but for daily use, we need to customize a lot and people like me don’t have time because I have to write and make content. so out of the box, elementary os gives us a good user experience.

elementary os
is elementary os is good for beginners

Out of the box we get a lot of really good applications that we gonna use not like another distro they ship with a lot of packages.

After enabling flatpak support on elementary os we get a huge library of applications and we can access that into our App center of elementary os.

Is elementary os good for beginners, yes as a beginner in Linux I can use elementary os without any problem, and if I have any issue I can use the ubuntu guide on the internet, Is that gonna work on elementary os so good? yes.

My thoughts on elementary os as bignners linux user

As a beginner, I can say that everyone can use this operating system without any command-line use. Before elementary os, I was using EndevourOS with a gnome desktop environment with version 41.

For that, I have to give some time to set up on my laptop since I am using Nvidia GPU so I have to X11 in that I can’t use features. so I have to install an external package to work with a laptop. but here everything works so well. is elementary os good for beginners? yes

Frequently asked question

Is elementary os good for beginners?

Yes, it works so well and you can do every basic work so easily without any guide.

How much RAM does elementary os need?

It depends on workload but in ideal condition, htop showing me 800MB. but for good use, the elementary os team recommends 4GB Ram.

Is elementary os good for programming?

Yes, by default its ships with code which is a fantastic application for a simple project but you can also install any other package as you need and it’s working so well.

Is elementary os lightweight?

In comparison to other desktop environments it’s lightweight with every application installed and since they ship their own application so it’s working so well with a 4GB Ram laptop.

These are some basic questions asked from google so I think if you are a biggner and looking for outoff the box experience OS then elementary os is a best choice from me.


Here in this post I share my thought on ‘Is elementary os good for beginners’ yes it’s working fine with my hardware so I am gonna recommend to every other person who write content or do some lightweight work on their system then elementary os is good choice.

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