Installing Brave Browser on Fedora 37

Brave browser is the most popular chromium-based browser which works on Linux also. So if you don’t want to use the Firefox OG browser, you are welcome to use a brave browser.

In this guide, we are going to see How to you installing brave browser on Fedora 37 and all fedora derivative Operating systems like Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, and CentOS

The brave browser comes with a lot of valuable features like ad blocking and useful tweaks to improve the useability of the browser.

Installing Brave browser on Fedora 37

Brave Browser introduced a Privacy search Engine Brave Search and that works well if you are a privacy-focused person. let’s install Brave on Fedora 37.

To install brave browser on Fedora we have to use a terminal there are no other options. Also, we have to add RPM Repository so there’s no official package available in the DNF package manager.

A prerequisite install dnf-plugin-core in order to install brave browser.

sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core

Now add brave browser repository into our fedora system.

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

Now we need to import the key in order to install a brave browser on fedora.

sudo rpm --import
installing brave browser on fedora 37

Brave browser on Fedora 37

After adding the rpm repository we can install brave browser using the dnf package.

sudo dnf isntall brave-browser

After this, you have to give permission to install brave on your system and then you are good to go.

On the newly launched fedora 37, this works absolutely fine if I have to choose a chromium-based browser then I am gonna choose to brave browser.

Remove brave browser

If you used brave browser and you want to remove brave browser on fedora then you can use dnf in order to uninstall brave browser on fedora.

sudo dnf remove brave-browser

Conclusion on installing brave on fedora

I used fedora for a long time and I can say it’s stable with fedora brave browser works without any problem. so this was a little guide on how to install brave browser on fedora 37.

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