Best way to install WordPress on azure using WordOps in 2022

Are you thinking of installing wordpress on Azure cloud service?

In this post, we going to discuss how to install WordPress on azure using wordops hosting control panel for free.

Every major cloud provider gives you a free trial of their services but we don’t know how to use them. Since everyone feared maintaining their servers but with wordops, you can manage your server and install WordPress on Azure cloud.

Install WordPress on Azure using WordOps

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service where we can make a free Linux server for 12 months. so with the help of Azure, Cloudflare, and WordOps, we gonna make a WordPress website.

What is WordOps?

WordOps is a command-line tool to install WordPress on a server and a server administration toolset to manage your server. with WordOps we set up a LEMP stack and easy commands to manage WordPress and manage your stack.

install wordpress on azure using wordops


  • Azure free account.
  • Cloudflare account.
  • Domain name.

Free Azure Linux VM

Azure provides us with free services for 12 months in this free tier we can build B1s machines and we are not going to charge. So here we are going to create a free Ubuntu machine that we can use with WordOps.

In the Webinoly cloud hosting control panel, we learned how we can create an Ubuntu server on Linux. So if you don’t know how to create you can refer to this article or you can use Microsoft’s official documentation.

With the help of this server, we can install WordPress on Azure using WordOps.

Connect domain to Cloudflare

You can skip this step if you don’t want to use Cloudflare to manage your domain. Here are steps to connect a domain to Cloudflare from any domain provider.

Cloudflare provides us with DNS management and CDN so your website loads fast from every geo-location.

Login to your Cloudflare dashboard

Cloudflare login

After creating a Cloudflare account just login into your account and if you don’t have an account then make one.

Add site

add site

after tapping on add site, you get to option to enter a domain name

Enter Domain name

Enter your domain name like if you are using or whatever you use.

Free Plan

cloudflare plans

Choose a free plan when you are starting to use Cloudflare.



After this step, you need to add these 2 Nameservers to your domain name registrar. Now on this domain, you can install WordPress on Azure using WordOps.

Setup WordOps on Azure

Before installing WordOps you need to ssh into your server for that you can use an SSH client on a windows machine or if you are using Linux or macOS then you can use the default terminal. After SSH into a server, you can install WordPress on Azure using WordOps

Update and upgrade your server

Before installing WordOps you need to update your system so you don’t conflict with dependency and you get any errors.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

One command setup for wordops

You can set up wordops by cloning the git repo but we gonna use a simple command to install wordops on our VM.

wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo

Post setup after installing wordops

here are some steps you should do after installing wordops for bash autocompletion, sudo alias for wo, and UFW firewall.

bash autocompletion

source /etc/bash_completion.d/wo_auto.rc

create sudo alias for wo

echo -e "alias wo='sudo -E wo'" >> $HOME/.bashrc

Install WordOps main stack

wo stack install

You can secure the backend port by using the official guide for safety.

Enable UFW firewall

wo stack install --ufw

Install WordPress using WordOps

WordOps gives us a lot of options like caching, PHP version, let’s encrypt, and many more. Here are commands options you can choose what you want.

wo site create  [<site_name>] [options]

Standard wordpress installation

wo site create site.tld --wp

Options list that you can use according to your need

  • Nginx FastCGI cache 🙂 –wpfc
  • Redis cache:) –wpredis
  • simple PHP 8.1+MySQL site 🙂 –mysql –php81
  • let’s encrypt:) -le

these are some basic options but you can discover more on WordOps documentation. this is an easy and best way to install wordpress on azure using WordOps.


setting up WordPress is so easy nowadays because of cloud hosting control panels like WordOps, and webinoly. So here we shared best way to install WordPress on Azure using WordOps.

If you have any suggestions in Linux and Cloud you can write us.

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