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Easy way to install flatpak on elementary os 6 Odin in 2022

Since elementary os support flatpak by default we just need to add Flathub repository on elementary os 6 Odin. Here is a complete guide on how to install flatpak on elementary os 6 Odin

Easily able to install apps is so important for any use that why elementary support flatpak by default they also ship their homegrown apps in flatpak format.

Elementary Os provide their applications but if you need more applications since they don’t have every application that’s why we need to sideload the application. and best way to do that add a flathub repository on elementary os with help of that we can install flatpak on elementary os 6 Odin.

Elementary Os ship with their AppCenter but there is not a lot of application that’s why we need to sideload an application. In the new version of elementary os 6.1Jólnir, you get a message that you can add a flathub repository on elementary os if you want to sideload your application.

Install Flatpak on Elementary os 6 Odin and Jólnir

Flatpak is a universal package distribution format since Elementary os support that that why we need to add only Flathub repository to sideload application.

Flathhub is a library of flatpak applications. You can get almost every application here.

When we add this repository to our system we can install applications from AppCenter it’s a one-time process when we install a new OS.

All Flatpak applications gonna shown under their Paid apps, Free app under the title Non-Curated Apps.

Flathub repository on elementary os

Since it’s a one-time process we just need to visit Flathub Download an application and execute that file.

install flatpak on elementary os 6 odin

Here is a guide on Linux if you like.

Here’s you can download any application and other steps in this picture.

install apps on elementary os
Sideload flatpak apps on elementary os

You need to agree that you are installing an Untrusted application. and then the application gonna start downloading and when it finish you going to get the last message that your application is installed.

  • Download application from Flathub
  • Excute that file and trust that application and install it.
  • after installed that application you can delete that download file.
  • For Non-Curated application show into your AppCenter You need to restart your system after that you gonna get your Non-curated application into software center of Elemantory OS


After this guide, I think anyone can install apps on elementary OS. If you have any other questions regarding this issue you can let us know about we are going to solve it.

Linux is good if you love learning new things every day and understand that everyone needs this type of system where they can decide what they want.

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