How to take screenshot on fedora workstation? it’s easy with gnome 43

Using fedora 37 workstation with gnome 43?

Recently Fedora announced Fedora 37 with Gnome 43 and with Gnome 43 you have a lot of options to take screenshots on your Linux system. So let’s see How to take screenshot on fedora 37 workstation

How to take screenshot on Fedora workstation

In Gnome 43 you get a Quick setting panel where you get options for taking screenshots and also all shortcuts also work so here are 3 ways to take screenshots on fedora.

Gnome Screenshot utility

Gnome comes with graphical screenshot tool that you can search like this.

how to take screenshot on fedora

Here is a interface of Gnome Screenshot utility

gnome screenshot utility

Here you can select a area that you want but also you can take screenshots but now you can also creat video also you have toggle to capture pointer on of off.

Features of Gnome Screenshot.

  • Select area to capture.
  • Screen or windows you can choose to record video or screenshot.
  • Ebility to Hide or show pointer into screenshot or video.
  • Better integration in Quick setting panel.
Quick setting panel

You can lunch gnome utility using Quick setting panel.

Keyboard Shortcut take screenshot on Fedora

These screenshots is gonna be saved into Pictures folder and screenshots.

PrtScr : to take screenshots of entire desktop.

ALT + PrtScr : take a screenshot of Active window.

shift + PrtScr : take a screenshot of the selected area.

If you are using A keyboard where you don’t have option of PrtScr then you can change using custom key into keyboard preference.


Fedora 37 workstation is great distribution where you can do everything like programing content creation and lot more and to show our work we can take screenshots and screencast our work. this is a simple guide on How to take screenshot on fedora 37 workstation.

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