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An Easy Guide on How to Stream with Streamchamp in 2021

A lot of you facing a problem while streaming from your iOS device. Here is a guide on How to stream with streamchamp.

We are going to discuss how to stream with streamchamp in this article. Because I am getting a lot of comments on how to stream on streamchamp.

  • We gonna cover the streamchamp login issue you are facing.
  • How to put alerts on streamchamp with the help of Streamlabs, or Streamelements.
  • Your streaming is lagging or not giving streamchamp 60 FPS.

How to Stream with Streamchamp

In the previous post, we discuss Streamchamp settings But a lot of users facing a twitch login issue. when you can’t streamchamp login then how you can do live streaming on youtube.

Since Battleground Mobile India announced by Krafton Inc. and many other games also going into pre-registration in June 2021. So there is a lot of live-streaming gonna happen on youtube.

Streamchamp login

Right now streamchamp supports only twitch login so if you don’t have a twitch account then please make a twitch account. When you make your twitch account then you can tap on login with twitch.

streamchamp login(how to stream with streamchamp)
Streamchamp login

You have to authorize a prompt from streamchamp that they are able to use your twitch account info for your making streamchamp account. How to stream with streamchamp

How do I stream streamchamp to Youtube

If you don’t change any settings then streamchamp gonna stream directly on your twich account but we don’t want that stream on twich. Here are some step you can follow in order to stream using streamchamp to Youtube.

  1. Go to your setting option in streamchamp by taping on 3dots.
  2. Find a setting called Ingests in the setting tab.
  3. Here you gonna get a lot of twitch servers where you can directly stream but we wanna stream to Youtube.
  4. On the right corner, you going to get Add Button. So tap on add and here we are gonna add our Custom Ingest.
  5. You have to give a title of the game or stream as you want.
  6. Copy your Server URL and Server key from your Youtube Studio Dashboard and paste them into your custom ingest. (Here is a guide on how to get Server URL and key).
  7. Tap on add and select new ingest that you make your own that how you can do a live stream on Youtube.
  8. In youtube studio, you need to set all your work and start from there for example Livestreaming title, description, and thumbnail.
  9. So Here we share How to stream with streamchamp on Youtube.

Streamchamp 60fps

We answer your quiry that How to stream with streamchamp but lot of players facing problem that their stream not supporting 60fps. So there is a trick that give you streamchamp 60fps from your iPad or iPhone.

  • You need to restart your device before going and doing anything other. when you turn on your iPad or iPhone start recording into your Photos for 1 minits and then you start your stream and you gonna get your gameplay at 60Fps.

How to put alerts on streamchamp

For engaging Livestream, you need to have an alert for stram like joining and subscribing. But officially streamchamp not give you these options But you can add with the help of Stream elements.

  • You need your Streamelements account in order to show alerts.
  • Right now streamchamp doesn’t support Video and audio content by HTML Overlay URL.
  • So choose your alerts in Streamelements and make HTML and that URL add into your Streamchamp dashboard.
  • Here is a video guide that How to put alerts on streamchamp.

How to stream with Streamchamp I think now everybody can do Livestream using this amazing app by AnjLab.


Here we share our guide on How to stream with streamchamp on Youtube. You can share your experiance on this app or you getting any trouble regarding your streaming or gaming you can visit our website our you can contact us and we are gonna solve your problms.

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