How to stream like mortal without Elgato: easy method in 2021

Streaming is art and lot of player want to do live stream but all of don't have a good resource so here our guide on how to stream like mortal without Elgato.

We all know mortal for his PUBG Mobile gameplay and streaming. But a lot of viewers want to do Livestream like mortal but they have not good hardware like the Elgato capture card. So they are looking alternative way to stream without Elgato HD60S. So here is our guide on How to stream like Mortal without Elgato.

Yes, it’s easy to do live stream without Capture card. For that we need some software and hardware and they all are very cheap or you already have at your house.

Here we gonna discuss a complete method not like you can do this this and end the story.

How to stream like mortal without Elgato

We know that loot of player doesn’t have both pc and Phone for live streaming for that you can check out how to stream using Streamchamp But in this guide you gonna need both your phone and your pc or laptop.

With the help of your pc stream gonna be bit smooth so please if you want to take streaming series then you must have a pc and phone.

SO let’s dive into how to stream like mortal without Elgato.

Software and Hardware Requirements

  • Your PC/Laptop and Your gaming Phone where you gonna play game.
  • Mirroring software.
  • OBS for streaming.
  • Splitter and Aux cable for sound.
  • Mic or Good headphones.

Are you really need a Capture card like Elgato HD60s for livestreaming?

Answer is YES. But we can find a solution do to without Capture card. As we all know that when you try to do with software over hardware then you gonna feel incomplete.

When we use software they gonna use your phone resources and when we have low-end phone then you gonna feel leg sometime.

Alternative ways to Live stream

We can do Livestream using a Capture card and this stream is gonna be just wow and everyone gonna love but here we gonna discuss an alternative way. How to stream like mortal without Elgato.

  • Using mirror software with Graphics control.
  • An open-source project like scrcpy. where you mirror your phone screen with some command. and this only works for Android phones.

Best screen mirroring software

With mirroring software we can share our phone screen with our pc or laptop. So here is our suggestion on best screen mirror software.


with the help of Apowermirror, we can share our phone screen with pc or laptop without any hassle. But with ApowerMirror you also get some problems but with the free version it’s ok we can manage.


  • You can use any phone like Android, and iPhone.
  • With the free version, you get a lot of features like screen recording, etc.


  • When your connection is not good then you gonna feel lag.
  • Use High resources.


Scrcpy is a opensource project by Genymobile for android user or developers with this you can do lot more like controlling and displaying your android device.

Here you can connect wirelessly your android phone.


  • only for Apple devices.
  • Connect via Airplay.
  • A lot of options for controlling your iOS device as you like
  • Good user interface with lot of costomizetion.


  • Only for iOS users.
  • Sometimes the wireless connection is not good interms of quality.
  • Old user interface.

a lot of other paid or free mirroring software available in the market you can try this guide best Screen mirroring software.

Here in this guide How to stream like mortal without Elgato we are going to use Apowermirror by Apowersoft. Because this application is so stable and so smooth also here you can do livestreaming so smooth with wired connection.

But now you can do long live streaming because they are limiting free users for a max of 10 min.

how to install Apowermirror on pc

How to stream like mortal without Elgato
How to stream like mortal without Elgato

You can download Apowermirror software by just going Apowersoft official website and from there you can tap on download button and download a .exe file.

Install that .exe file as a regular windows application installation. when you started that that software you need to download Apowermirror mobile app.

Some time before you can use their application free of cost with a simple watermark but now they change their model and now they are limiting screen mirroring for just 10 min.

So now this on you you want to go with open-source project like SCRCPY or paid one.

how to install scrcpy on windows 10

Installing scrcpy is so easy first you have to go GitHub page of Genymobile and from their you can find Scrcpy

Find download link or you can download latest .zip file from below button.

If you found any trouble in using scrcpy then you can get help from this article by Fossbytes on Use Open-Source Scrcpy To Control Android Via Windows & macOS.

How to install OBS on windows pc

For that you need to visit Open Broadcaster Software website(

how to download obs
How to stream like mortal without Elgato

Here you can choose your operating software and you gonna download a .exe file of the program. when your download is complete you can install without any problem.

Some time if you don’t have Microsoft visual c++ then this installer gonna download and install as well so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Add video and audio source in OBS studio

For simple PUBG Mobile live stream we are gonna add two sources one for display game or second for the audio.

In order to capture a display, we can use display capture or window capture. from there we can choose our Apowermirror window or scrcpy window.

Now add one more source called Audio Input Capture you can choose your USB sound card name. in a further discussion, we are gonna tell how to connect audio into obs.

How to stream like mortal without Elgato
How to stream like mortal without Elgato


Sound is the most important element in order to do Livestream without game sound your stream not gonna look good or professional.

for Android devices, we need a USB sound card, AUX cable, and audio splitter. If you have pc and in pc, if you have separate audio ports for mic sound and line in. then you are not gonna need a USB sound card.

How to stream like mortal without Elgato??

I think now you understand that how can I stream without Elgato. but if you have any problem regarding the stream then you can just ask in the comment section below.


Here we share a detailed guide on How to stream like mortal without Elgato or how can I stream without elgato. But if we miss any details you can mention us and we are gonna improve it. so now we are taking break for some time and we gonna come back with more guides.

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