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How to setup standard notes in arch Linux with an easy and updated method in 2022

setup a notebook in the arch is not easy so here we gonna discuss How to setup standard notes in arch Linux here we gonna use EndeavourOS with gnome 41.

Taking notes on the arch system is easy or so confusing but here we are gonna take a look at standard notes which is a clean and minimal note-taking application built with electron 13. Here is a complete guide on How to setup standard notes in arch Linux.

Standard notes are officially not available at arch Linux but by the community, there is a package available at AUR(Arch user repository) so from that, you can install if you want native packages into your system.

Also, we can use AppImage or other solutions like flatpak or snap package. Here we are gonna discuss all types of solutions so you can able to set up standard notes in your arch Linux.

On the official standard notes website, you get only AppImage to download on arch Linux(EndeavourOS).

How to setup standard notes in arch Linux

If you are an arch user then you are familiar with AUR. Here a lot of developers submit their application packages so that users can benefit. Not like Ubuntu(Debian) based system where you have to add PPA for every single package that you download from a third-party or direct from the developer website.


Downloading a package from AUR and install on our system is so easy but here is also an available AUR helper from that you can download the AUR package without going to the browser. but here we are gonna don’t use any AUR Helper.

Here you can get standardnotes-Desktop application that builds with the help of electron 15. Here is the command to install the AUR package in your arch Linux.

First, you need to git clone into that project

git clone
cd standardnotes-desktop
$ makepkg -si

Snap package

Snap packages are not the favorite of Linux users but they ship with a lot of distros. so we have to know about that here is simple if you have snap installed into your system. or if you don`t install snap you can use this guide on how to install snap on arch system. Here is a guide on how to setup standard notes in arch Linux.

First, you set up snap store in your system and then you type this simple command into your terminal

$ sudo snap install standard-notes

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The most used universal package format in Linux for distributing applications is flatpak. You can set up flatpak in arch Linux using this guide. So here is a guide on How to setup standard notes in arch Linux using flatpak.

Open your terminal after setup your flatpak in arch Linux and execute this command.

flatpak install flathub org.standardnotes.standardnotes


Here we show How to setup standard notes in arch Linux desktop. But there is another solution called Appimage Like snap or flatpak but that is not easily available for new users. Because they don’t install and make shortcuts in the menu.

Standard notes download is easy now we make a compressive guide on how to do with step.

If you have any problem regarding Linux you can leave a comment we gonna share an updated guide on that topic also.

Here is a guide on Linux if you like.

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