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A comprehensive guide on how to set up vscode on fedora 35

Vscode is the most used code editor so here's our guide on how to set up vscode on fedora

Linux is the most used operating system on cloud servers but when it comes to using it as a personal computer that running Linux is low. But for any kind of development and deployment, I think Linux is best So here I am going to share how to set up vscode on fedora or any other Linux system.

Before I am started using Linux I am a windows user and on that, I used vscode for the first time in 2017. So when I shifted to Linux I didn’t understand Linux command and their package managers so I have to google it every time. So for newcomers here’s a guide on how to set up vscode on fedora 35.

With this guide, you gonna learn about the visual studio code on fedora gnome.

How to set up vscode on fedora

Before going into the detailed guide on this topic let’s dive into a brief introduction about visual studio code(vscode) and vscode alternative.

What is Visual studio code(vscode)

visual studio code is a lightweight and less resource-hungry code editor from Microsoft but for a knowledge point of view, visual studio is different from vscode.

VS Code is the most used code editor with all almost every language support. But by default vscode supports JavaScript language but with the help of extensions, we can use visual studio code for every programming and framework like Flutter.


Vscode alternative

There is a lot of alternatives available in the market but why is visual studio code is so popular in the coding community.

Here is some alternative visual studio code for your reference.


Open-source project from GitHub which is a Microsoft subsidiary now. If I wanna write something quick and wanna put code on Github then my go-to choice gonna be atom because of git integration.

atom vscode alternative


If you are learning web development then I think this one is best because this text editor is designed to keep in mind web development. Brackets is an open-source project by Adobe Inc. When I started learning programming everyone suggested Brackets.


VSCodium is a community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s editor VS Code. with this, we get Foss, not an MIT license.

I think this looks the same and work great on Linux. And as Linux users, we always love Free and open-source software.

How to install vscode on fedora

Microsoft officially supports all the major Linux operating systems available on market here’s a quick guide on visual studio code on Linux from visual studio code itself.

$ sudo rpm –import
$ sudo sh -c ‘echo -e “[code]=Visual Studio Code=” > /etc/yum.repos.d/vscode.repo’
$ dnf check-update
$ sudo dnf install code

If you wanna download any for any other operating system you can visit the official blog of visual studio code.


Linux works best for me in programming and the general tasks of writing. so Here I share how to set up vscode on Fedora 35. If there is a need for an update in this post I will do that. But now I am using Fedora for a reason because by default I get the latest and greatest from the Gnome team and I kind of like RPM as a package manager.

So from now on, I am going to share my daily Linux experience about Linux so you can suggest if you have any topic on Linux. How to set up vscode on fedora.

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