Lumafusion is good to make video content in 2021

Making videos on the internet is not easy but with the help of Lumafusion, we can make videos anywhere anytime.

When I started my online career that time whenever needed a video format work then I have to work with my laggy laptop because outside my home I can’t carry my pc. Then I heard about the LumaFusion iOS application from Luma touch LLC that time I was an android guy with a windows laptop then I purchased my first iPad to make videos on the Internet with the help of Lumafusion.

I show on google that a lot of people are searching like Lumafusion apk, Lumafusion for android, or Lumafusion for windows. To all the people I want to tell you that right now Lumatouch Lunch this app only on iOS which means you can use it only on iPhone, or iPad. So stop searching all that keyword because you are wasting your time.

Importance in iOS ecosystem

Apple always suggests this video editor for iOS/iPad video benchmark and also we show a lot of posters in advertisements.

Apple ad

Apple always support good software one of them is this by Luma-tuch LLC. keep in mind that this is app is level of Final Cut Pro so you can do so high level videos like animation, Keyframs, and maltiple tracks in editiing timeline.

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How to download Luma fusion

Before version 2.4 this app available in India at the price of 2,300 But now if you want to use then you have to give a little bit more. So if you are a person who looking LumaFusion for free then there is no option you have to pay a one-time payment to able to use it.

You can go App Store and directly able to download but if you don’t want to go to an app store, you can also download it below.

LumaFusion Price in India

This App available in the App Store with a price tag of Indian rupees 2699 so if you want to download then you have to make a payment to the App store. IF your App Store has a different country and you want to change country or region the checkout below the post.

Change country region in iPhone without a credit card

Lumafusion interface

Luma fusion video editor comes with easy to use interface with minimum extraction so you can be focused on your work. As you can see including my iPad mini 5 with a little tiny screen this looks good. all the required buttons are in reach.

Best video edition app LumaFusion
Interface of Lumafusion
  • Here in this, you can stretch your video that is included only in high-end software but here you get this.
  • All the effects, titles, and transitions all available with the + button.
  • Also if want your video with VoiceOver then you can also do it here with good quality.
  • The handiest feature is the clipboard from this you can do so many copy-paste effects.

Export settings in Lumafusion

Here you get a lot of option to share or export your project so that you can use your as you want. sharing options like Movie, Audio only, LumaFusion project package, XML Project Package, and Snapshot most handy feature for youtube gaming creators.

You can share your video directly to YouTube, file, and Photos.

Luma fusion gives a 4k 60 FPS footage with over 75Mbps Video Quality so that was so great also export timing for video is so less that you download or export in just so little time.

Our verdict

We are so happy or lucky that we are able to use this application in our daily life. with the help of Lumafusion, we are able to achieve a lot of worth that we have today.

If you are serious about making videos on the internet then this app is worth or money so go and use it also tell us in the comment section how is your experience with Lumafusion.

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