How to install Waydroid On Fedora 37 Easy way

If you are looking for a guide on Running Android apps on Fedora Linux, you are at the right place. We going to discuss How to install Waydroid on Fedora Linux.

If you want to use a windows application on a Linux system then we have Wine, bottle, etc. But if we want to run Android applications on Linux then we have one option which is Waydroid.

How to install Waydroid on Fedora

To install Waydroid on Fedora we have to use Fedora Copr which works but at this, there is no official package available in the DNF Package manager. Copr work like PPA on ubuntu and AUR in Arch but they are more popular but it not popular as these options.

What is a Waydroid

how to install waydroid on fedora

Waydroid is an Android in Linux Container. Which mean we can run Android application on Linux with the help of Waydroid. Waydroid works in the Linux system and provides us with a minimal customized Android system which is based on LineageOS and we are using Android 11.

This work as a native application because of direct Hardware access inside Android Container. And all the android applications can be available in our Linux application menu.

Install Waydroid on Fedora 37

Since Waydroid works on the Wayland session and the Fedora workstation comes with the Wayland session by default so we just need to enable Copr and we can directly install it.

Waydroid Copr is managed by aleasto and it was recently updated before this project was managed by someone now Waydroid official doc linking the new Copr. So in case, you find that this Copr not working you can take a look at the official documentation of Waydroid.

install Waydroid using aleasto/waydroid Copr.

sudo dnf copr enable aleasto/waydroid

here’s output

[sudo] password for gp: 
Enabling a Copr repository. Please note that this repository is not part
of the main distribution, and quality may vary.

The Fedora Project does not exercise any power over the contents of
this repository beyond the rules outlined in the Copr FAQ at
and packages are not held to any quality or security level.

Please do not file bug reports about these packages in Fedora
Bugzilla. In case of problems, contact the owner of this repository.

Do you really want to enable [y/N]: y
Repository successfully enabled.

Now we need to update our system

sudo dnf update

After updating our system we can use the direct install command as we do when we add new PPA in our ubuntu system.

sudo dnf install waydroid

Running Waydroid

You’ll be asked to initialize waydroid with some android images. Use the following links:

running waydroid
  • System OTA:
  • Vendor OTA:

NOTE: THIS WILL DOWNLOAD NON-FREE COMPONENTS (FFmpeg, possibly others). we can install VANILLA or GAPPS

Install and Run Android applications

Now we can install an android application using this command

waydroid app install xyz.apk

after this, you going to see your application in the Linux menu.

or you can use command line to run an android application.

waydroid app launch

Also, you can download F-droid if you want to install more applications.

Conclusion on How to install Waydroid on Fedora

I hope you like our guide on How to install waydroid on Fedora Linux. It’s an easy way to run an android application on your Linux. Now you can run any android application to make the system more useful. Also, there are more options available to run the android application but this works great on Wayland.

if you have any queries regarding running android applications on Linux and how to install waydroid on fedora or any other distro comment down.

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