How to install typora themes and Best typora custom themes in 2021

Here we are going to look at that, how to install typora themes and make typora look amazing. And with Best typora themes from typora theme gallery.

In a previous post, we discussed how to install typora on pop-os that is based on Ubuntu Linux. Now we need to customize it so that we are going to use the best typora themes and going to make it look amazing. So here is a guide on How to install typora themes from Themes Gallery typora.

Being able to change themes is so good for me because aesthetic-wise I can change something that I like, not like a developer diced to go with some aesthetic.

First, we are going to look at How you can install the typora theme and in the second part, we are going to look at what are the best themes that you can give a try.

How to install typora themes

Here are some easy steps that you can follow.

  • First you need theme file that you have to download from internet or theme gallery typora.
  • In this theme file you are going to have a theme file and theme.css file.
  • Now open typora.
  • You need to go into File→Preference or you can go to preference by ctrl+comma.
  • Then go to Appearance tab, find theme, and below that tap on button of Open typora-theme folder.
  • Now put that theme files into this theme folder of typora.
  • Next you need to restart your typora software.
  • Now you can change that theme into typora from menu section, find themes from which you can change themes easily.

Now we know how to change themes into typora, but for that you need themes, so here we are needing themes.

best typora themes

Typora is an open-source minimal markdown editor, so you’re going to find a lot of themes on Github or typora owns theme gallery.

Typora bear theme

This theme is inspired by the bear note-taking app on the Apple ecosystem but here is the developer of bear typora theme make a mixed collection of 20 themes with this theme you can get every possible color grade team that you want like Nord lakh Dracula cobalt and a lot more.


The fluent theme is inspired by Microsoft’s fluent design system with this theme you get clean and minimal and built-in dark mode support but the theme author said that this theme is currently tested only on macOS so feel free to test on your operating system.

Github theme

Github theme for Deborah is inspired by git hub fittest team you get also a dark mode and a lot of features for MathJX, code blocks, and flowcharts.


Gitbook Theme is inspired by Gitbook documentation in style this team comes in three colors Azure slate and teal this team looks great on any device and its UI is so good and every attention to detail they have to to look good.


Mint theme usage color scheme from material Ocean it’s developed by Eugene Yao it’s come with two variant and dark and light.

Now Typora is not in the beta stage so they introduce their plan so if you are interested then you can visit their webpage and take a look.


Here we share our complete guide on how to install typora themes also suggest some best looking type Ora theme Song and also discuss where do you have to put typora themes.

I recommend it to use free software typora but now they introduced their paid plan and software is not in beta stage so they give you 15 days trial but I don’t think that’s a good deal so now I have to look another way for my notetaking so if you want to know where we will go and update on our website so check out

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