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How to install typora on pop os and best customization in 2021

Here is a short tutorial on how to install typora on Linux and customize it according to your needs.

Using a markdown editor, we can manage our written content, but most of it is paid, or proprietary but not an open-source solution But now, with the help of typora, we can make ours simple and easy. Here is a detailed guide on how to install typora on Linux, but here we are going to use Pop-os by system76.

How to install typora on linux
How to install typora on your system

There are a lot of methods to install typora on Linux, but here we are going to discuss by adding typora repository. But you can also install via Flathub or Snapd so there command also into this post so you don’t have to worry about any thing.

How to install typora on linux

Linux has a lot of distributions, but all are based on Debian or Arch, so here pop! os is based on Ubuntu which is also based on Debian.

We can install typora with a package manager like snapd or flatpak or add a repository. Let’s see step by step guide.


we can add an extra source of repository in our pop-os system so here are command that needed to install typora.

Add wget command

$ wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

Now we need to add Typora’s repository

$ sudo add-apt-repository 'deb ./'
$ sudo apt-get update

Now we updated our repository so now we can install typora on our pop-os

$ sudo apt-get install typora


Sometimes when we need application that is not available on pop shop then we need extra source of resource so that we can install our software there, help flatpak. With pop-os we get integration of flatpak so now we can grab any Flathub into our system.

Here are two simple command to install or run typora.

to Install typora on pop-os

flatpak install flathub io.typora.Typora

To run typora on system

flatpak run io.typora.Typora

Snap pakage

Snapcraft from Ubuntu publisher canonical with this universal package manager you can do a lot like installing apps with simple command and work with most distros. So if you are not able to find any package then search on snapcraft.

Here is a command to install Typora from snapcraft.

sudo snap install typora

If you find this not helpful then you can use the official wiki of typora on How to install typora on different Linux distros.

How to customize typora

It’s your preference how you want to use your typora because this minimal editor gives you so much control that you need as a beginner writer or anyone who wants to write in markdown editor, but with simple interface or easy to use, then this is the one.

Here you can change the look and feel of the software and make your own, but here we are going to link official repository of themes, but you can also make your own if you know css and html.

Here you have to save the first file into a markdown format,, so if you want to export then you will easily be able to do that and lot of markdown setting also available so you can use that.

How to open Preferences page on typora.

File>Preferences or use shortcut ctrl+comma

also if future we going to do separate post on How to customize typora according to your need.

SO if you are interested then you can suggest us some features that you want.


In this post we share a complete in-depth post on How to install typora on pop-os or any other distro that you are using. In this post we show you 3 methods that are so easy and helpful for you.

So in future if you need any Linux help you can leave a comment and we going to contact you and solve your problem. How to install typora on linux.

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