How to install Hugo on Linux(Ubuntu/fedora/arch Linux) easy way in 2022

Thinking of building a static site with Hugo? and don’t know how to install Hugo on Linux. Then you are at the right place we gonna discuss all you need to know about Hugo on Linux.

Hugo is a static site generator where you can build and publish your static site. Hugo is based on Go Language. So to install Hugo on your system you always need to install Go into your system as a dependency.

How to install Hugo on Linux

Hugo is available in almost every package but here we gonna focus on the Native package so we don’t need to install anything like a snap. On Windows, you can use chocolaty and for MacOs you can use homebrew to install Hugo on your system.

how to install hugo on linux

But on every major Linux distribution, we gonna install Hugo on their respective package manager.

How to install Hugo on Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu then by default you have the snap package. So you can install Hugo on Ubuntu using the snap package. Snap is a free and open-source package manager that comes with Ubuntu.

Snap install Hugo extended version on Linux so if you want to install Hugo extended on your system.

sudo snap install hugo

How to install Hugo on Debian

Debian and Debian derivatives use an APT package manager and you can install and set up Hugo on your system. this package installs an extended version of Hugo.

sudo apt install hugo

How to install Hugo on Fedora

Fedora and derivatives of fedora use the DNF package manager and you gonna install Hugo’s extended version.

sudo dnf install hugo

How to install Hugo on Arch Linux

Arch Linux uses pacman package manger. Arch and derivatives of Arch Linux like EndevouosOS, Garuda Linux, Manjaro, and others.

sudo pacman -S hugo

How to install Hugo on openSUSE

openSUSE distribution uses zypper package manager. openSUSE and other derivatives like geeko Linux. this will install Hugo’s extended editions.

sudo zypper install hugo

How to install Hugo on Solus

Solus is an independent distribution and uses an eopkg package manager. this will install standard Hugo.

sudo eopkg install hugo

How to install Hugo using docker

if you want to use the docker image of Hugo then you can install using these commands. this package is managed by Erlend Klakegg Bergheim

docker pull klakegg/hugo


In this article, we shared a complete guide on How to install Hugo on Linux with the help of Hugo we can build a static site and control it with git.

Since Hugo is based on the Go programing language and uses .toml for configuration but you can also use .yaml, and .json

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