All You Need To Know About How To Create Ec2 Instance In Aws Step By Step.

In a previous post, we share how you can build a WordPress website using aws ec2 using cloudpanel, where we share how you create an ec2 instance for free.

Here we going to share how to create EC2 instance in AWS step by step so you don’t miss anything. Also, it’s going to be free for 12 months so you can enjoy free and fast hosting for your website.

How to create ec2 instance in aws step by step guide

In order to install cloudpanel or any other control panel, we need to create an ec2 instance. also we gonna use the ubuntu server in order to create an aws instance.

Create an ubuntu instance in aws for free

After signup successfully in the AWS console you can opt for a 12-month free ec2 instance where you can host your small website.

In Linux, desktop field lot of users say negative about the ubuntu workstation but for the ubuntu server, everyone like it and we can find every little guide on the internet so we gonna use this. Also, most of the admin control panels support the ubuntu LTS version.

Here we are going to show how you can create your own aws instance for free so that you can start building your blog or small website.

  • Open aws console

    After you successfully make an AWS account you can enter into the aws console and from that console, you can launch any kind of instance.

  • Select the region where you wanna host your website.

    select rigon

    let’s assume you wanna host your website for an Indian audience. For that, you have to select the nearest region so that you can provide good page speed to your user.
    For India, I am going to choose Asia Pacific(Mumbai) so that we can get good performance.

  • Find EC2 Dashboard

    After selecting the region you gonna be redirected to the ec2 global dashboard but in some cases, you can’t find it here’s a diagram so that you can easily able to go and take a look at the ec2 dashboard.

  • Launch Instance

    create ubuntu instance in aws

    First of all, you have to give a name and tags so that you can manage easily if you make so many instances.
    After the name, you have to select AMI(Amazon Machine Image) here you can browse so many OS and task-specific images.
    Now you have to select Instance type so that you can manage how much RAM and CPU you need. Under free tier you can use only t2.micro where you gonna get 1vCPU and 1GB of Memory.

  • Key Pair

    Key Pair is gonna used to ssh into our server. So that we can install our software and use as web hosting.

  • Network settings

    Here you have to allow certain ports for certain work like SSH, HTTPs, and HTTP internet trafic. Also you can select existing security group if you used this one.

  • Configure storage

    With free tier you get up to 30GB of EBS General purpose(SSD) or Magnetic storage.

  • Launch Instance

    After that when you tap on Launch Instance you are able to create a ec2 instance e on AWS for free.


In this post we share How to create ec2 instance in AWS step by step where you can create free tier instance for free. So now you got you answer How to create Ubuntu instance in AWS.

You can create any instance using this method you just have to choose a different OS from AWS Marketplace and you are able to spin that instance.

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