how to build WordPress website using webinoly: Quick and easy way in 2022

Making a WordPress website is hard for everyone because we have to buy expensive hosting plans for a long time to get some discount.

Here I will share a story about how I set up my WordPress website. so began how to build wordpress website using webinoly and Cloudflare.

While making a WordPress website you can choose different types of web servers like Nginx, lightspeed, and apache. but for all my websites I always tried to use Nginx or lightspeed because with them I can achieve my website speed under 999ms.

How to build WordPress website using webinoly and Cloudflare

On I used Azure cloud from Microsoft. Since it’s a small website so I am running an Azure free tier VM if you also starting a new website so you can use this VM for 1 year for a free tier.


In this post, we gonna use as less as possible resources so here are the requirements.

  • Ubuntu server.
  • Cloudflare Account.
  • Domain Name.
  • SSH Client
  • If you are using Linux or Mac os then you don’t need SSH Client

Create an Ubuntu server on Azure

On Azure, You can make your server easily by one-click deployment but on the free tier we gonna set it up in a traditional way you can find a lot of in-depth guides on How to create an Ubuntu server on Azure. But here are some steps that you can take and make your server.

  • Find or search Virtual Machine and create a new VM in the Azure portal.
  • Here you have to choose the name of the virtual machine and resource group for easy managing servers.
  • Select the closest region so that you get good speed.
  • Under the Image section, you have to select Ubuntu server 18/20/22 ImageUnder the Image section, you have to select Ubuntu server 18/20/22
  • Under the free tier, you need to select B1s with 1vcpu and 1Gib memory
  • After this, you need to select the authentication type you can choose SSH or Password. I always prefer Passwords because I use different machines to access my VM.
  • Now you can select Review+create button and Azure gonna create our Ubuntu server.

Here I am gonna attach Azure official documention on How to create linux VM on Azure so you can take a look. On AWS we create EC2 instace if you are using AWS then you can take a look that how you can create this same website on AWS

Make Cloudflare account

Claudflare, How to build wordpress website using webinoly and cloudflare

Cloudflare provides us DNS Management and CDN and lot more so here we gonna use this and gonna build our website. Making a Cloudflare is so easy here’s a guide on How to make Cloudflare account.

Connect Domain to Cloudflare account

Connecting your domain name to cloudflare is so easy. here’s step that you can follow)-

  • Login to your Cloudflare and your domain provider.
  • In Cloudflare account you tape on Add site in nevigation panel.
  • Now enter your root domain like or and click add site.
  • Choose free plan and continue.
  • After this cloudflare gonna give you two DNS which you have to put in your domain name provider dashboard.
  • Now after sometime when DNS gonna reflect and you are able to connect your domain to cloudflare.

Connect VM to Cloudflare

When you create Virtual Machine you gonna get public IP address.

  • In Azure portal you gonna get your VM IP address.
  • Copy this IP address and you need to make DNS record.
  • tap on Add record in DNS managment for your site.
  • Type select A and for root you tape @ then you need to pate that IP address.
  • and save this record and it’s gonna reflect in some time.
DNS, connect vm to cloudflare

SSH into your server

On Linux and MacOS you don’t need any SSH clinet because you can use default terminal to SSH into your server by hiting some commands but for Windows you have to use SSH clinet.

for Linux and Macos:)

ssh [email protected]

Here’s guide on SSH on windows machine. You can use Putty SSH client.

Setup Webinoly on Ubuntu VM

After SSH into your VM you need always update your linux system and then you need to procide frother.

update system

sudo -i
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

after system update you need to setup webinoly here’s next command

wget -qO weby && sudo bash weby

Install WordPress using Webinoly

On Webinoly you can create html, php and WordPress website. here’s command to install wordpress on webinoly. Here’s step on How to build wordpress website using webinoly.

sudo site -wp -cache=on -ssl=on

with this command you install wordpress with cache and ssl after this you need to finishing WP setup. for protect wp login you can use below command.

sudo httpauth -add
how to build wordprss website using webinoly and cloudflare

After this you need to just open your website url in browser and complete your wordpress setup. So now you get your quetion answer how to build wordpress website using webinoly and cloudflare.


Building wordpress is now days is so easy with hosing providers but if you want to manage your own instance and wanna make your own cheap hosting. So you can follow this guide on how to build wordpress website using webinoly and cloudflare on Azure cloud and you can follow this guide on any other cloud provider like AWS and Google Cloud.

If you have any suggetion on how to build wordpress website using webinoly then you can suggetion us in comment section.

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