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Easy way to setup pop tiling on endeavouros in 2022

Pop OS makes some good gnome extensions from that they introduce pop shell on top of gnome-shell. So we can setup pop tiling on endeavouros or any other gnome distro.

Since I am not that expert who can use tiling window manager but I wanna feel that functionality. So I tried pop-shell with this you get tiling feature.

So in today’s post, I am gonna share How I setup pop tiling on endeavouros. It’s not super hard but just some command and time. You can use any gnome-based distro to try you don’t need endeavouros.

Installing pop-shell is not like installing a gnome extension from a browser. we gonna installing from the official guide of pop-os.

Setup pop tiling on endeavouros

Pop-shell needs some program to install into your system.

  • GNOME Shell 3.36
  • TypeScript 3.8
  • GNU Make

We gonna install all these packages from the repo and then we gonna install pop-shell to use pop tiling.

Features of pop-shell

  • Window manager feel in gnome.
  • We can go both of world floting or tiling mode.
  • Best window management on small or big moniter screen.
  • key binding and control button on gnome shell.
  • You can hide window title bar because nobody loves that.

Installing Dependencies

Typescript is not installed by default so we need to install this here’s the command but with that, you also gonna get nodejs and c-area.

$ sudo pacman -S typescript

Installing Pop-shell

We gonna install a pop-shell to setup pop tiling on endeavouros. We gonna use GitHub code to install.

$ git clone

Now we need to go into the shell folder to install

$ ls
$ cd Shell
$ make local-install

If you gonna find any error to install then we gonna solve that as well.

shell error

Since we installed typescript and we did not reboot our system. So after reboot when we repeat this step it’s gonna be installed.

take a look at the screenshot after installation.

shell error solved

After successfully installing pop-shell you gonna see that logout message.

So you can reboot or logout for full function of pop tiling.

setup pop tiling on endeavoros

When we install pop-shell we gave permissions to overwrite the gnome shortcut so if we need to look at shortcuts then we can go to the official website of pop-os.

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In short, we successfully installed pop-shell on endeavouros. pop shell extension gonna show in the extension application of gnome. With gnome 41 pop shell work is so good. when I am in elementary os I miss this clean organization of windows. I can do that in the elementary os that experience is not great.

Pop shell on the arch is so easy to install when we installed all dependencies. I love this experience and I am gonna stick with arch for the next 30 days. setup pop tiling on endeavouros.

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