Cloudpanel install on AWS ec2 to setup a WordPress website For free

Amazon Web Services(AWS) comes with a free 12-month Elastic Compute Cloud(ec2) so for every newcomer, this plan is perfect but to manage this cloud there are a lot of challenges so we need to use a cloud control panel so that we can manage our server.

So in this article, we are going to discuss how we can set up a WordPress website on AWS for free using cloudpanel. Cloudpanel install on AWS ec2 Instence.

Cloudpanel Install on AWS ec2

In 2018 I used a lot of web hosts for my WordPress hosting but when I discovered cloud servers then there was a problem that I faced that was not easy to use. So for that, I used a web hosting control panel.

What is a CloudPanel?

CloudPanel is a free web hosting control panel to manage our server efficiently without any worry. CloudPanel comes with lightweight and blazing-fast technology like Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL. So you gonna get optimal performance from your Instance.

Create EC2 instance in AWS Free

In order to get a Free cloud server from AWS, we need an active amazon web service account you can easily get with your Debit and credit card. here’s a guide on how to create a free tier account in aws From K21Academy.

After you get your AWS account now we gonna create a 12-month free EC2 instance here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Login to your AWS console(AWS management console).
  • In order to create a new cloud computing, you have to launch an instance.
  • Here you are going to set up your machine type, operating system, and network setting.
  • For cloudPanel recommended OS is ubuntu’s latest version but you can use Debian also.
  • In the Instance type, you have to select t2.micro for the free tier.
  • To login into your server, you always need SSH into your cloud server. So you have to create a key pair but on some cloud providers you can use a password to log in to your server but on AWS you have to use a key pair.
  • For storage, you can use up to 30GB of SSD by default it’s going to be 8 so you can take up to 25GB.

Setup Cloudflare for domain management

Cloudflare provides us an extra security layer with a free content delivery network(CDN) So that our website gonna be extra safe also CloudPanel have some extra feature for Cloudflare.

Here’s a guide on cloudpanel installation on AWS ec2 with Cloudflare. for that, you can add your domain to Cloudflare for free.

  • Login to your Cloudflare dashboard and click on Add a site.
  • After that enter your domain name and click on add site.
  • Cloudflare gonna check older DNS and gonna give some nameserver to update into your old domain name registrar.
  • you can add that two nameservers to your domain DNS and you are good to go.

Link Domain to AWS ec2 instance

After setup Cloudflare now we can connect our domain to our server(ec2). here’s a guide on how you can link using Cloudflare DNS.

  • Copy your ec2 instance Public IPv4 address from the AWS console.
  • Open your Cloudflare dashboard and go into the DNS setting.
  • Here we gonna set three records.
TypeNameIPv4 address
  • Cloud A record used for cloudPanel dashboard.

Security Groups to install cloudpanel

In order to install CloudPanel, we need four ports so that we can install easily without any problem.

When we created our instance we open 3 ports SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS so now we only have to open one more port so that we can access our CloudPanel dashboard. cloudPanel install on AWS ec2.

Login via SSH to the EC2 instance

If you are on Linux and Mac then you can use seystem terminal to ssh into your instance but if you are using Windows machine then you can use SSH cleint like PuTTY.

Or you can use your AWS own ssh client so that you don’t have to use anything. it’s all web-based so you don’t have to do anything aws gonna do everything for you.

Here we gonna use Fedora Linux to ssh into the server.

locate the Key pair that we download when we created our instance. Now we need to use this command only once.

chmod 400 theplaymag.pem

now we are going to use SSH in order to get into our server.

ssh -i "themag.pem" [email protected]

After then you have to type yes in order to enter our server.

Installing CloudPanel on the Ubuntu server

After login into server we need to get into root

sudo su root

after that we need to update our ubuntu system so we get latest software. also some required software to install CloudPanel.

apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y install curl wget sudo

After that you have to paste your cloudpanel script to install on your server. For that you can use three methods but you can go with MySQL database engine.

curl -sSL | sudo CLOUD=aws bash

Give some time to install and setup CloudPanel on your server after server completed you gonna get a link to access your CloudPanel.

When you are going to access that link first time you are going to get a registration form so that you can make a CloudPanel account. and login into future account. CloudPanel install on AWS ec2 .

Custom Domain and SSL to access CloudPanel

Now we completed cloudpanel install on AWS ec2 now we are going to secure our server and setup a custom subdomain to access cloudpanel dashboard.

  • Login to your CloudPanel account and go to admin area
  • Now in settings page you gonna find cloudpanel custom domain under general.
  • Before we created A record on Cloudflare DNS that we are going to use now.
  • Since we used cloud in A record so we gonna enter and hit save button.
  • After some time we are going to see a success message and now we can login to our custom domain.

Installing WordPress on aws ec2 using cloudpanel

After clodpanel install on AWS ec2 we setup custom domain and now we are going to install our WordPress so here’s a complete guide on installing WordPress website.

  • Login to CloudPanel Dashboard.
  • Withcloudpanel we can also make PHP, Node.js, HTML, and Python site to make a WordPress we gonna add site and then WordPress.
  • In new WordPress site we gonna fill some info.
  • Domain name, Site name, Admin username, Password, and email. after filling all info now we can create site.
  • After some time our site gonna be ready and live also we gonna get some database info also.
  • SSL will gonna be automatically installed by default.
  • With CloudPanel you can access filemanager and database also.


Managing own server is hard I can understand before CloudPanel I used webinoly to host my website but after CloudPanel install on AWS ec2 my website load fast and also it’s easy to maintain.

CloudPanel handle everything automatically so you don’t have to do anything so you can more focus on content writing not on handling on server and doing technical work.

So my suggestion for any new comer use CloudPanel to host your website with any cloudhosting provider. we can host multiple website on same server. With the help of cloudflare we get good security and easy to maintain and it’s so fast.

If you have any suggestion and complain on this post you can contact us.

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