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5 Best settings for streamchamp (streaming solution)

Streamchamp has a lot of special settings that we are gonna look at what we can do with the streamchamp app and keep our streaming game Up.

In the previous post, we suggest to our reader’s new app called streamchamp so today in this article we are going to look at the 5 Best settings for streamchamp.

We all know that when you stream on YouTube, Facebook, and twitch, etc. there is a lot of factors for good streaming but here we are gonna look at some tips and tricks so we can do live streaming with minimum resources.

So if you are a low-budget gamer and you won’t go live with your fam and want to show some of your crazy reflexes. so keep reading this post. and we gonna solve your lot of problem.

Best settings for streamchamp

When some popular gamer streams their games on youtube we think that they are using so good Gaming PC, Gaming Laptop, etc. But some gamer just does their live stream with their iPhone XR so don’t feel that you can’t do a live-stream.

Nowadays with the help of streamchamp, you can do live streaming with only your iOS device. Let’s discuss the settings that you need to do.

Checking Internet speed

Upload speed is a key factor for your streaming so you have to aware of this. Because lot of internet providers not gonna give you actuclly speed that they promised to give you when you take a plan from them.

Hence always check your internet speed before going live with streamchamp on Youtube.

In the last post streamchamp in best for iOS we discussed how to check your internet speed you can check also check your speed by just googling check internet speed. and you gonna get a tool that is provided by Google.

These are the best settings for streamchamp that you have to do without this you can’t stream. so you have to fix your speed before streaming on Youtube.

Set Resolution according to Internet Upload speed

Best settings for streamchamp

As you can see above this infographics that if you have bad internet connection then you can do live-stream only at 480p and if you have good internet speed then you can do at max 1080p.

Right now Youtube only support 480p, 720p and 1080p. so for a 720p stream, you need Good wifi or LTE connection that gives almost 15Mbps constant speed. then you can do it in 720p and if you have above 25Mbps you can also do it in 60 Fps.

For the 1080p stream, you gonna need above 45Mbps speed so that your stream gets no lag or buffering. the best settings for streamchamp.


According to Wikipedia Bitrate is a bit per second. Normally we all confused a bit with a byte. Because we always see this byte word, not a bit.

You have to choose your bitrate value according to your resolution and your internet speed so here we gonna share some good bitrate value range that you can try according to your need have a look at bitrate data from google.

ResolutionBitrateMin. internet speed
480p500-2,000 Kbps5Mbps
720p1,500-4,000 Kbps7Mbps
[email protected]2,250-6,000 Kbps10Mbps
1080p3,000-6,000 Kbps10Mbps
[email protected]4,500-9,000 Kbps15Mbps
Best settings for streamchamp

You can choose your bitrate from here or you can visit the google live encoder settings page. this is one of the best settings for streamchamp in order to do good quality stream on your streaming platform.


If you watch any Youtube gaming live streaming where you gonna notice that every content creator using good quality mic so that their mic sound good so that your viewer get never bored.

But as we all know here on iOS we can’t attach big mics so we gonna use some good quality headphones that must have a noise cancelation mic so that our surranding sound never gonna come on our stream.

Remote Control

If you want to stream your webcam with a game so, for that, this feature comes in handy. To use this remote control feature you have to one good internet connection and two devices. One for your game streaming and one for a webcam. for this, you have to use both devices in one network.

Best settings for streamchamp

Best settings for streamchamp FAQ

Streamchamp app for android?

no, streamchamp is only available only on iOS. so if you are searching this app for android then please stop. You are wasting your time and effort inset doing this you can go with another android app like Turnip: Livestream.

What is stream champ?

streamchamp is a live-streaming app that makes for twitch streaming but now they support any custom server with a URL and streaming key. But this app available only for iOS.


In this post we share some Best settings for streamchamp live streaming app. if you have any other doubt about straming and any other then please give us a feedback.

If you find this article helps give some feedback on our comment section belove. also if you wanna more helpful content then you can visit our site. Also if you have any problem without our content then contact us.

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