15 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Netflix Produce some of the best Sci-fi shows. So here's best sci-fi tv shows to watch on netflix

Netflix is known for its best-in-class Netflix original series. In this post I am going to discuss best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix.

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List of best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix.

Here in this blog post I shared some of the best tv shows which is watched in recent years and some friends and family recommendations to me.

So, it’s my favorite tv show list in sci-fi genre. If you like any show and that is underrated but not in this list of best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix, you can comment down that show name and we going to try to update this post.

1. The 100

the 100 sci-fi series on netflix

In 2019 I discovered this amazing sci-fi drama series called the 100 which is based on a story of the 100 young people who survived in nuclear apocalypse because they are at space but the return after 97 years.

this series have everything that you need from a sci-fi and fantasy tv series. You can watch this series on Netflix USA and other regions.

2. Stranger Things

stranger things

Stranger Things is a Sci-fi, Horror and nostalgia show from Netflix. it’s a story of a place called Hawkins where group of kids and adults who face monster and mysteries.

From 2016 Netflix started this sci-fi and horror series and produced 4 seasons. it’s great show if you like Sci-fi shows then you should watch. it’s my one of the favorite sci-fi series on Netflix.

3. Lost in Space

lost in space

Netflix produced 3 seasons which is based on Robinson Family which is story revolves around that they because selected colonists to leave earth 🌏 and start a new life on distant planet.

After that they face alien robot, and they have to leave in smaller ship and after that they crash landed on unknown place. it’s great story if like space related series.

4. Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese Sci-Fi triller drama series on Netflix. which is adapted from a manga by Haro Aso. It’s a story of Arisu, a video game enthusiast who finds himself in a deserted Tokyo with his friends. There, they have to play deadly games to survive.

I think 🤔 it’s one of the best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix. because I finished this series in just one day.

5. Black Knight

black knight

Black Knight is a South Korean Sci-Fi thriller drama series that is based on a webtoon of the same name by lee Yun-kyun.

it’s set of dystopian future here air pollution has become a huge problem and people depend on oxygen tanks and mask to survive.

6. Dark

Dark is a Netflix show that mixes Sci-Fi, Horror and Nostalgia. It’s followed four families in small German town who contented by a wormhole that allows them to travel to different times and universes. Dark has four seasons so you can understand how popular this show is.

Dark is one the best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix.

7. The OA

The OA is a one the best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix. Show follows Prairie Johnson, a woman who resurfaces after being missing for seven years and claims to be an original angel with supernatural abilities.

She recruits five people to help her open a portal to another dimension and save the people she left behind, who were held captive and experimented on by Mad Scientist.

Show has two seasons with third one cancelled by Netflix.

8. Another Life

another life

Another life is a Netflix show that follows Niko Breckinridge, an astronaut who leads a mission to explore the origin of an alien artifact that landed on Earth. She and her young crew face various dangers and challenges as they travel through space and encounter hostile aliens.

Show is a mix of science fiction, Drama and mystery, with two seasons and third one cancelled by Netflix.

9. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is a one the best Sci-Fi tv shows to watch on Netflix. this show is based on Franch graphics novel it is set in 2031, After a failed climate experiment has frozen the earth and killed most of humanity.

Survivors like on a massive train that circles the globe, where a class system divides them into the rich and poor. the show follows the rebels from tail section who try to overthrow the elites from the front section and reach the mysterious engine that controls the train.

Snowpiercer has three seasons and fourth one coming soon.

10. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk television series based on the novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. It is set in a future where human consciousness can be transferred to different bodies, and follow the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a former rebel who hired to solve a murder mystery.

Altered carbon series has two seasons and an anime film and was released on Netflix. but second season canceled by Netflix. but from this series received generally Positive so this tv shows in one of the best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix.

11. 3%

3% is one of the best Sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix. It’s a Brazilian series that depicts a dystopian world where only a selected few can join a privileged society after passing a rigorous and competitive process.

It’s one of the first Netflix Original series produced in Portugues.

12. Warrior Nun

Warrior Nun is a Fantasy action-drama series based on book by Ben Dunn. Warrior Nun is about a young woman named Ava who is resurrected by a divine artifact and joins a secret order of nuns who fight demons.

Warrior nun has two seasons on Netflix and not it’s cancelled. but there’s some news about return as a trilogy of movies. this is one of my best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix.

13. The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is a Korean Sci-fi thriller series that premiered on Netflix on December 24, 2001. It’s a based on a short film by Choi Hang-young, who also directed the series.

Story follows a team of space explorers who go to the moon to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station, where they face various dangers and secrets.

14. Sisyphus

Sisyphus is a one of best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix. it’s best tv shows from Netflix. recently I finished this series with my best friend and we both like this series.

15. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker. It explores the dark and twisted consequences of technology and media of society and human nature.

Each episode is a standalone story with different characters, settings, and genres. Black Mirror has six seasons on Netflix.

conclusion on Sci-Fi series on Netflix

In this blog post I shared my personal best sci-fi tv shows to watch on Netflix. If you have any new suggestions for this list, you can mention it to comment ☄ sections.

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