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Best notes taking app for elementary os in 2022

Notes-taking is an essential task for us. for that, I use norka on elementary os. Here is best notes taking app for elementary os

In best applications from elementary os AppCenter, I mentioned that for notes taking I use Norka text editor so in today’s post I am gonna discuss the best notes taking app for elementary os.

On Linux, we can get a lot of good-looking and functional text editors available but for elementary os design language, I am gonna suggest Norka test editor by TenderOwl.

Best notes taking app for elementary os

When I started using Linux I tried so many distros based on the look and feel but now I use elementary os for my daily blogging and programming use. In between, I write a lot of personal notes for that I look at a lot of applications like typora and standard notes.

But now typora is paid so I started hunting for a new free markdown text editor and I found Norka in elementary os AppCenter.

Here is an interface of the application.

Norka interface best notes taking app for elementary os

Features of Norka text editor

  • Autosave: lot of time we need that our text editor save file automatic when we stop writing but lot of time they don’t do but with norka autosave work so good.
  • Markdown text editor: As a hobby programer I need markdown text editor so that I can use my editor as I want like formating and all other features.
  • File system: For saving our text file we don’t have to do anything app handle everything for us.
  • Folder/file: for better management of our notes we can arrange files and folder.
  • Look and feels: Here you get lot of themes for your need. we all need good looks for our notes.
  • Backup: Backup is a most important thing for us because if we change distros for that we gonna need take manual backup. with norka you can backup all files in .md so that you can use these file on any markdown editor.

Interface of Norka

a clean and easy-to-use interface is most important for notes taking app because we get lost in features a lot of time. with this, you get essential features, not clutter.

norka text editor

If we write a note and if we need to print this we can do this as well simply and easily. you can print to file or printer.

ℹ️ with this we can see the status of our document.

Export: if we need to export our file in different file systems that we can do. Here in norka, we can export files into 4 different files system, here we get HTML, Text, Markdown, and Docx.

For internet export, if you write on medium or you can export directly.

Markdown shortcut

For markdown text editor you need to use a shortcut for better writing and formatting text.

In norka, the Best notes taking app for elementary os we can use a keyboard shortcuts or write in pure markdown.

markdown shortcut

Here you can take a look at some regular use text formats like Heading, Bold, Italic, Link, List, Quote and code.


If you are a person who love to write in markdown or wanna use simeple and easy text editor then I recommend you norka for elementary os. so norka is a best notes taking app for elementary os.

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