Best Fedora Based Distro in 2022

Fedora is a great Linux distribution like Ubuntu but it’s been underrated for some time nowadays fedora also getting popular with Linux desktop users. Because of that, we are able to see Best Fedora based Distro.

Fedora workstation 37 comes with a Gnome desktop but you can download other desktop environments and window managers in form of Fedora Spins.

Best Fedora based distro

if you want to use fedora but looking for a different desktop environment then you can use fedora spins here are some useful info.

Fedora Spins

Fedora comes with a Gnome desktop environment by default but the fedora team also create other spins if you like other desktop environment and windows manager.

fedora spins best fedora based distro

Fedora 37 launched and now fedora spins are also available on Fedora 37 here are some spins to take a look at.

  • Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop
  • Fedora XFCE Desktop
  • Fedora LXQT Desktop
  • Fedora MATE Compiz Desktop
  • Fedora Cinnamon Desktop
  • Fedora LXDE Desktop
  • Fedora i3 Tiling Window Manager
  • Fedora SoaS Desktop

these are Fedora’s official spins if you want to try Fedora with different desktops and window managers but now we gonna see some Fedora Based distro.

Nobara Project

Nobara Project is a Fedora Based Linux distribution that aims to tweak fedora in such a way that you don’t have to do tweaking and its works fine. Since Fedora is so user-friendly but when you make that project modification and add some tweaks with that help you can run anything latest hardware games etc.

nobara project

In almost every gaming distro you gonna see Nobara Project at the top list.

I think, Nobara is a great project and I really appreciate these types of projects a lot. Also, this project website is under construction so in the future you gonna see a lot of new stuff on documentation. Nobara project is one the best Fedora based distro that you can use in 2022.

Nobara comes in three flavors

  • Nobara 36 official
  • Nobara Gnome
  • Nobara KDE

Ultramarine Linux

Ultramarine Linux is a Fedora Based distro with some amazing desktop environments like Pantheon, Gnome, Cutefish, and Flagship Budgie. It comes with several tweaks so you can use fedora easily.

ultramarine linux

Ultramarine Linux comes in 5 Flavors. And all these come with several tweaks so you gonna like them a lot. Ultramarine Linux is one of the best Fedora based Distro.


  • comes with a lot of desktop environments
  • Essential Software support by default
  • Ultramarine comes with budgie by default.


  • there are no such cons to using Ultramarine Linux
  • Updates gonna come late after the Fedora release

Ultramarine Linux comes in 5 editions

  • Souls Bugie Flagship Edition
  • Gnome Edition
  • Pantheon Edition
  • Lapis Edition
  • Cutefish Edition


risiOS 37 Released and it comes with a lot of useful tweaks and applications to manage your desktop. risiOS comes with its own gnome theme and some useful tools like risiscript, risiTweaks, and risiWelcome.

With the latest release, they come with rTheme new default theme and Accent-based wallpapers, and Gnome 43 with a lot of changes. RisiOS is one of the best Fedora Based distro.


  • Latest fedora 37 based
  • comes with a lot of tweaks on top of gnome 43
  • Active development


  • The small team behind the project.

Qubes OS

Qubes OS is a Privacy-Focused and secure operating system. If you are a person who likes to stay private then I think Qubes OS. Qubes OS uses the Anaconda installer and a lot of other options while installing. Qubes OS comes with an XFC desktop environment.

qubes os


  • Privacy Focused distro
  • XFCE Desktop
  • Active development and community-based distro


  • Hard to understand for new user

If you are looking for a privacy focus distro and wanna use Fedora as a base then you are welcome here. this is one the best fedora based distro.

Conclusion on best fedora based distro

Here we share some of the best Fedora Based Distro that you can try some of our privacy-focused and some of them come with a lot of tweaks so that your user experience is so good.

We know that the fedora-based distro is less compared to Ubuntu but we are progressing and hopefully, we gonna see some best fedora based distro in the future.

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