12 Best Elementary OS apps from AppCenter.

Elementary-OS 6 was a major release where they included apps in their app center that follow the pantheon desktop design language. At that time they also get a lot of criticism for doing this but now a lot of developers are building apps for elementary os AppCenter. So here are the best elementary os apps from AppCenter.

On Elementary os you can find a lot of good-looking functioning applications but you can also download them from Flathub they also work great.

Best Elementary os apps from appcenter

On elementary os AppCenter, you get free and paid applications but you can always download for free by just typing amount 0 and you are able to download it for free.

Before any application come on AppCenter that application has to fulfill design and code according to elementary os guideline. So you get always the same design application on your desktop.


Norka Best elementary os apps from appcenter

Since I love to write about my blogs and about my daily life for that I needed a good text editor. Since I am comfortable writing in Markdown then Norka was my best markdown editor on the elementary os app center.

Features of Norka:

  • Easy export on medium.com and write.as so if you want to write on here and want to export you can do that easily.
  • A lot of styles so you can change as you like.
  • Easy backup since it’s a markdown editor you can use this backup somewhere else if you want.
  • Direct print and export as .docx, HTML, and text format.
  • Basic grammar check support.
  • Lots of shortcuts so if you don’t about markdown then here you can learn easily.


Annotator best elementary os apps from appcenter

If you are a person who wants to quickly edit and highlight something on a picture or a screenshot so that you can show some with this application you can add the text you can zoom and lot more control so defiantly if you are a writer then this application is must for you. So that was the best elementary os apps from AppCenter.

Features of Annotator:

  • In the editor section, you get basic features like zoom, text, arrow, blur, crop, resize, pencil, shapes, border, and a lot more.
  • You can export into multiple formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, and SVG.
  • Also, you get undo redo so if you make any mistake you can go back.



If you download a lot of torrents on your system and you need a simple but effective torrent client then I think torrential is a perfect choice for you. elementary os working on simple but effective design applications. So in torrent space, this is the best elementary os apps from appcenter.

Features of torrential:

  • If you wish to connect only encrypted peers then you have an option for security reasons.
  • Complete desktop integration so you don’t have to manually add torrents to the application.
  • Support of magnet URL.

Image Optimizer

image optimizer

If you are a person who wants to optimize your PNG, JPEG, PNM, BMP, and TIFF then this application work so perfectly but if you deal with a lot of WebP format then there is no support for that.

they optimize your image without losing the quality of the image they use jpegoptim and optipng. for a simple and easy interface, I think this is the best elementary os apps from appcenter.



If you write or have some task/agenda for a day then you can use this application Agenda here you can add a new task and when you complete that task then just click the checkmark that you completed that task.

Features of Agenda:

  • Save your list automatically.
  • your task stays if you don’t delete that task.
  • Just a simple interface that works without confusion.



A simple Pomodoro timer that Just works. On Linux, there is a lot of Pomodoro timer available but Ordne is my personal favorite. Here you can set work duration and break duration as you want. So that is my recommendation for time management for you—the best elementary os apps from appcenter that just work without any problem.



Fondo is a little wallpaper utility that fetches images from photos sharing applications like Unsplash. with this utility you can filter your images according to your taste.

Here you can just click and this application gonna setup a wallpaper for you so now you don’t have a download form somewhere else.

  • Filters by orientation.
  • Create a slideshow for the desktop.
  • History of favorite wallpapers.



Frog is a simple utility to extract text from anywhere you want like if you want something to copy and that you can use somewhere else. So if you want to extract any text and then use it for your document you can do that using frog.

Features of Frog:

  • Extract from any source.
  • Simple to use and copy your text after text extracted from your source.



Clips is a Multi-Format clipboard manager where you can take a look at what you copy and it’ll work so good you get a lot of settings to manage your clips.

Features of Clips:

  • password protected so whatever you copy that gonna be safe.
  • Exclude apps/file types that you don’t want to copy.
  • Housekeeping so you don’t have that clips that were old.



Eddy is a .deb package installer so if you download any deb file from the internet and you want to install that package then you can use eddy. A similar package is also available for the Debian system called Gdebi. but for elementary os, you can use Eddy. Eddy is one of the best elementary os apps from appcenter.

features of Eddy:

  • Simple to use just drag and drop the .deb file.
  • Just tap on the Install button and you are good to go.



Reco is a simple Audio recording app where you can record from a microphone and system or both. So you can take note of after content.

features of Reco:

  • Reco can automatically save files if you are set up.
  • Timer so you can set time that how much recording you want and delay also.
  • For saving you can use a lot of formats like WAV, Opus, MP3, FLAC, and ALAC.



If you are looking for an application about mind mapping so you can visualize your idea then Minder is the best application that you can use on an elementary os.

Minder gives you a lot more features than any paid software gonna provides you but You can do all projects in one application which is for free. minder is the best mind-mapping tool. So if you are looking for a minder then this is the best elementary os app from appcenter.

  • Make mind maps using the keyboard or visual.
  • you can import your project from another mind-mapping tool.
  • export into a lot of formats.
  • Printing support.

Conclusion on elementary os apps

Here in this article, we discuss the best elementary os apps from appcenter. a lot of application comes under paid apps but you can always download them for free.

Personally all these applications I used personally and for that reason, I am sharing here the best elementary os apps from appcenter.

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