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10 Best Applications from elementary os AppCenter for my work need

Here I am going to show the best applications from elementary os AppCenter for my blogging and work need. Since elementary os make applications according to their design language that why here best elementary os apps.

Every Operating system has its system design language where the operating system looks good. Same here with Elementary OS they are making their application suite which runs great on Elementary os.

Here are some best applications from elementary OS AppCenter that I think are great and very useful for my work needs.

We all know Linux has some amazing applications but we all know that the Elementary Os team is doing a great job of making their operating system look good and function great.

After installing Elementary Os you can do some customization according to your need. here are some applications that are used from AppCenter. I install that every elementary os after installation.

Best applications from elementary os AppCenter

Right now AppCenter has 107 apps that are built using elementary os technology and design language. In the future lot of developers gonna start developing applications for elementary os. Here are the best elementary os apps.


Norka is a simple but powerful markdown text editor. I use this application for writing my own blog for my website where you don’t have to save your work. The application looks good and functions so great according to my need.

In norka, I can write my content and I can export it into pdf, HTML, and markdown format.

You get a lot of customization functions of looks and feels.


Here is a guide on Linux if you like.


If you are a person like me who always changes their wallpaper regularly there this utility app comes in very handy for me.

This application uses Unsplash images so you can find a lot of good amazing pictures from Unsplash without visiting the site.

Here you can search Photos or you can use Trending photos if you like since I like abstract wallpaper I always search for new wallpapers.

You get some filters like colors and orientation of wallpaper.

Fondo interface


Task is the default application in Elementary os. With task, you can manage your due task and it works so well with your calendar app of elementary os.

Here is a sneak peek of the task application on the pantheon desktop.



Eddy is available in the paid category but you can get free. With this, you can install any .deb file on your system.

This application is available for every Debian OS but for elementary os, developers build applications and host applications on AppCenter.


Image optimizer

As a blogger, we need our images optimized so they work on the web very easily. This little utility saves me a lot of work and I don’t get so many files. This application makes your photos optimized without losing quality and making another file.

image optimizer


Outliner is my best applications from elementary os AppCenter. without this, I don’t think I can make content easily. Here you outline your content with notes.


Gabut Download Manager

In Linux, you can get a lot of Download Manager but for elementary os, you get Gabut download manager. it is a simple and functional download manager.

From this, you can download torrent file or any other file.

gabut download manager


If you manage your servers and want an SSH client For Linux this EasySSH comes in handy.

You can easily connect with your server without going to the terminal and do it manually.



If you like to make presentations but don’t want to use full office suite like Libreoffice, onlyoffice and free office. Here come spice-up helpful with this you can make your presentation. It’s a one of the best applications from elementary os AppCenter.

spice up


It’s a simple recording app for future content writing reference. I use it because lot of time when I am doing content research I need that for recording my feeling that time so that I can listen later when I actually writing content.


Final word

Here I share my top 10 best applications from elementary os AppCenter. there is lot more applications available but here I share what I use for my work need.

If you have any query you can leave comment below.

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