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Is Apostrophe markdown editor is best for personal notes on fedora in 2022

Taking notes on Linux is so good because we got a lot of good options. Here Apostrophe markdown editor on fedora for my personal notes.

In elementary os, I used Norka as my primary notes application but on gnome with work but when we have other options then we should check that also and test their capabilities.

So in search, I found apostrophe markdown editor which is available in RPM package format so I give a try this new markdown text editor on my Fedora workstation.

Since I write for my website on the fedora system. here’s my thought on apostrophe note-taking application. apostrophe uses markdown syntax which is hard for someone or not but I already used markdown on norka so I didn’t face any problem while writing.

Apostrophe is available in apps for gnome circle app which means it builds for gnome desktop environment.

Apostrophe markdown editor

It’s come with a distraction-free interface for a good writing experience. Since I like gnome UI/UX. I know many people don’t like gnome desktop environment because of no customization for them. But sometimes it’s good from a productivity point of view because we don’t need to change every time.

interface of apostrophe
interface of Apostrophe

In norka we don’t need to save our document it’s happed automatically but here it’s more manually you need to save your files in markdown format and sometimes it’s better for the organization of notes.

How to install apostrophe

You can install this using Flatpak on any Linux system but with fedora, I am using the rpm package of apostrophe.

For rpm, you can download using gnome-software it’s so easy.

For flatpak, you can use the command given below.

$ flatpak install flathub org.gnome.gitlab.somas.Apostrophe

For open applications using a command line, you can use this command.

$ flatpak run org.gnome.gitlab.somas.Apostrophe

Best note taking app on Fedora 35

Fedora shipped with the latest gnome technology first so I am using it as a daily driver because with Gnome we get rock-solid stable performance on fedora.

So I am gonna use this operating system for a long time and for now I am gonna take my all notes on the apostrophe markdown editor.

Features of apostrophe markdown editor

  • With apostrophe we get clean interface and if we don’t want any distraction we can hide all button and Its gonna look like palne paper on desktop.
  • focus mode– with this mode we get only fouced what we writing not whole document. other lines got feded.
  • Export– since I change distro often so exporting notes is so neccesry for me. with apostrophe we can export out notes in almost every format.
  • Preview– we can take preview that how our document look like since we are writing in markdown editor with mono font.
  • Themes- with this we get 3 themes. with dark theme it’s look so good.
preview of apostrophe


Here I share the best note-taking app on Fedora gnome. I know there is a lot of text editor available some are open-source and some are proprietary but when it comes to simplicity I found apostrophe markdown editor work best for me.

So if you are using Fedora or any gnome-based operating system you can give a try to Apostrophe using the Flatpak version.

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